Grow under Mars Pro II Epistar 320


Hello All,
I’ve decided to restart my new Thread here.

My friend bought the new light Mars Epistar 320 to me, and I decided to try it over some new strains (for me) to get things dialed in for a few runs.
My first impressions:

  1. WOW!!:heart_eyes:Nice Kit!!!:star_struck:The Epistar 320 is massive, powerful, and with the model that I received (with the remote control!) is just a pleasure to work with!
  2. I am currently running a pair of Acapulco Gold and one Amman’s Sour Diesel under it (got it just as I was putting them into flower) and the plants have gotten BIG!!:stuck_out_tongue:I try to keep my plants under 3 foot, both for control over the grow as well as to make it easier to keep within my legal quotas here in the State of Maine. The AG Girls are at nearly 4 feet, and the ASD is close behind. The spectrum and intensity of this panel is beyond my expectations- it’s just Top Shelf!
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I will post some of today’s pics, after I get this initial post up (need to upload from my mobile device…)

So, Welcome, midstream, to my new Grow!!:kissing_closed_eyes:

Please come along for the journey, pull up a comfy chair, and grab some smoke from the stash room!



My friend used the coupon code “joy” to saved 10% cost!!! I thought I’d share it lol :grin:



The view from the tent

An impressive panel, for sure! The grow area I’m covering with this 320 is a 4x4x6.5 foot tent side, and the panel is currently running at 100% red, 10% blue spectrum.And, the plants must think they’re on an Equatorial Vacation!!

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Another view, with the Amman’s Sour D

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Acapulco Gold, Day 44 in flower.



Amman’s Sour Diesel, Day 44 in flower.

The density of the Amman’s is off the charts, and it’s top cola is going to be a sight to see, at harvest, in about 3 weeks.

I got a bit of overheating on the Acapulco Gold, before I had the time to figure out the remote. (Not a stoner thing, had some mom health things to attend to…)

So, from here on out, I will journal using this Stellar panel, right here

Feel free to ask questions, offer wisdom, or at least join me in a toke



@GreenStories Morning Lookred at your journal . New grower here. Plants look great hope to have your success.i will have that poke now wake and bake ha ha.mind if I ask questions trying to figure out lighting and intensity looks like u got if figured out. Stop



I see a little light stress on ur upper leaves



@garrigan65 check out these lights I’m thinking about getting some

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Thank you for your advice and reply. I am very happy

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Mars Hydro lights are really good, they have 10% discount now, don’t miss the good chance if you really want to get some.



Today’s view from the 320 Tent

An Angel bud, from the Acapulco Gold. Save for tying it in half, it just wants to hug this panel



The severely super ripped top of AG #1

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The Amman’s Sour Diesel. What a cola on this big girl

These plants are just starting an h2o cleanse, and should be ready in a couple weeks.

This week proved the value of remote programming with the spectrums- it’s been getting into the 90s f, and being able to dial back the blue has been critical. The AG have been semi scorched already, due to a higher temp than was forecast, but they are trucking to harvest!
That ASD is going to be a heavy yielded. It’s getting thick and heavy

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Your grow is looking great so far.

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Thanks :star_struck:



Howdy, Peeps!
Yesterday, I harvested the pair of Acapulco Gold from the first run under this 320!
Here are a few pics:



As I’ve been mentioning, Summer heat has been the only obstacle so far. I am loving that Angel Bud pic!
This week, I’m putting 3 Original Amnesia under the panel, and the one remaining plant from first run-Amman’s Sour Diesel- is going to yield like crazy!

I’ll post a few ASD pics this week, and hope to have the drip swapped over in a day or 2.



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