Grow to Flower help

Hello fellow growers,

White widow feminized seeds used , soil is FF part ocean forest and happy frog.

Current pics attached


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All 3-6 wks in veg state as of today

Outdoor going in coastal tx

Just a few thoughts: plan is to attempt to put into flower state in 2-3 weeks.

Any ideas on what y’all would recommend to do this? Was looking put in outdoor shelter for 18+ hours

I have gotten my watering better now and have seen where it’s required to get the girls out of direct sunlight at times….been having 100F and 60+ humidity.

The only nutrients I have used is ILGM growtime and will go to flowertime once there

Sure I’m leaving out something to be more precise

Thx. SwagD


Are you growing them outdoors? If so, they’ll go into flower on their own. The one in the middle looks like it’s already flowering. Mine started a week ago.


Hey there neighbor! The yellowing and lighter green makes me think they’re hungry. I’m not familiar with Bergman’s nutes, but it looks like you could use a little nitrogen. Usually the veg state nutes have a little higher content.

Being feminized and outdoors, they’ll flower with the sun cycle. In the southern region, usually late July to mid August, with harvest being up to late October or early November.

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Dexterado , man appreciate the reply, I type info on forum but not sure how to post/send the dam info.

Yes outdoor coastal tx heat and humidity.

Question would be : these are WW Fem seeds and was told they have to be put in darkness at some point so confusing there.

I have been feeding the ILGM grow kit

Growtime for veg state and will use flower time to grow the buds.

Have 7 plants , oldest outside ~ 7 wks , and have 3 at 5 wks and 2 at 3 wks in veg state.

1st time do fem vs auto-flower and just trying to not screwup at this point. All have been topped

Soil FF ocean forest and happy frog .

I have been limited the time in direct cuz it’s brutal so they spend time in shade but always outside

Really appreciate the feedback and I will keep trying to use the forum but at 66 my computer aren’t getting any better, luckily my girls are.

Can’t thank you enough brother


Outdoor plants start flowering when the days start to get shorter, after the solstice (unless they’re autos, they go off a time cycle. Light schedule doesn’t matter). Indoor photo plants have to have a 12 hour dark cycle to flower. This outdoor plant started flowering last week, and will be ready October something. One more thing, outdoor plants won’t flower correctly if there’s artificial light nearby, like a street light.


Dam dude thanks , so I need to move to using this flower time fertilizer from ILGM

It is : N16 P6 K30

I have a good location that doesn’t get any local light but I was thinking to put in my shelter and bring them out each day….would that work?

They should flower about 8 wks ?

Dam , many thanks. Most us growers seem helpful


Ok was telling Dextrado that the flower fertilizer I got thru ILGM IS: N16 P6 K 30

This is stuff I have , you think it would be good to start using the flower instead of using the grow fertilizer , except maybe on the later ones ?

Man I love the way folks help out


Keep using the veg nutrients until you see actual “budlets” the switch to bloom nutrient’s. I move mine to the garage at sundown every night, and bring back out at sunrise. I’m trying to keep the dew off the buds, to minimize the risk of mold, and rot.

I like that ….my back garage is steps away

Again I so appreciate your advice


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[quote=“Dexterado, post:5, topic:103215”]
Outdoor plants start flowering when the days start to get shorter
[/quote]Hi Dexterado. If I may through in my 2 cents worth. I was always under the impression of the same thing. Days get shorter they start to flower. Well what happened to me was I started 3 Purple Haze seeds at the 1st week of May. Sprouted them and went straight to pot outside. Now in just 6 weeks they all started to shoot out the white hairs. Keep in mind the days are still getting longer at this time. I was hoping to get them at least 4 or 5 feet before flowering. There sure acting like autos which they supposedly aren’t. One plant is 25" and other 2 are 18" . They all have nice buds right now and will be ready to pluck in a few weeks. Just took this pic and their around 10 weeks as of today. I’ve had a few others tell me they experienced the same thing this year. Something’s up with the weather that’s for sure. Just wanted to pass that info along.

Happy growing!


That certainly is strange. Sure does seem like they’re acting like autos.

That’s strange and kinda why I was asking……my are supposedly fem seeds and seem closer to my 1st grow which was autos last year

I was thinking they be 5+ feet or wishing….all good just trying to do some learning


Yea it seems like we’re both scratchin our heads as to WHY? We have no control outdoors to what mother nature has in her plans. As long as I get some good buds I’m a happy camper.

I will smoke to that brother…

I going to keep giving grow fertilizer for rest of July , then push the girls into flower girls.

Late September was my original plan as to total before harvest time

Stay in touch

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@SwagD I’m in the process of getting some close ups of the trichomes and see what the experts think if it’s time to harvest. There are many more folks here with a ton of experience than I have when it comes to harvest.

Guys , latest photos of the girls . I haven’t seen any pest on my plants yet but this looks weird.

Any thoughts……oh the Chevelle was in the area


Forgot the pics

Can’t wait to be 66 , ha


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Try again


Thats caused by a type of a leaf miner. I have those on my lemon tree. Here’s a clip on youtube of one solution for those little pricks. Dealing with Leaf Miners in a Hemp Grow - YouTube
Just do a search on leaf miners for more suggestions. Hope that helps…