Grow times until harvest

How many days from seed on average does it take to grow photos? Roughly of course I understand strains are different.

My autos went quick under 20/4.

I want to try a photo scrog for the first time and I’m wondering if the increase yeild could offset increased electricity or if there is more electricity used to grow photos vs autos in the first place??

cant see any way a scrog is going to cost you any more in electricity… lights are either on or off.
if you are growing indoors you have a lot of control over how long your photos take… just change the light schedule and put them in flower when you are ready.

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You’ll probably pay more on your electricity bill because you’ll be growing the plants longer.

Autos grow in less time. Photos take longer. More time means more lights on.

My blueberry is in week 11 of flower. And grew in veg for 4-6 weeks. Just as an example to see the comparison.
Autos should take 8-10 weeks total. From seed to harvest.

This varies of course. But really it’s just me trying to show that auto strains are known to grow in less time than a photo strain does.

So I respectfully disagree with you @oak, I think you would pay more in the end :v:

What about the 12/12 though that would be 6-8 hours less a day than an auto that takes 10-14 weeks

Most people grow autos at 18/6 or even 20/4. @Jheezy

If you’re growing an auto for 12/12 the entire time then you’re losing yield.

People will switch from 18/6 to 12/12 sometimes, but most will give more light throughout the entire grow, since it’s an auto and they can take it.

No no. 12/12 for photos saving light. Maybe I didn’t get what y’all were saying.

Hello there @SHRED,

I’m gonna answer your questions the best I can.
I think your original question is fundamentally flawed, or maybe I’m misinterpreted it. It’s my understanding you want to cut your power bill down by growing Photo-sensitive seeds.

In my experience, Auto seeds are a bit faster (faster = less light used = smaller power bill). The other reason to grow Autos is to have multiple grow seasons outside, but lets not get into that.

Normally, Photo-sensitive seed are grown because your can increase yield but prolonging Veg time. Doing this will obviously increase you power bill.
A lot of people choose Photo-sensitive to scrog, and this is also done to increase yield.

Scrogging take a little longer, as most scrogged method trim/prune vegetative growth. Any pruning done, may increase yield, but will slow over all growth, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, Autos don’t require 18/6 or 20/4 light in flower. You can decrease your power bill by cutting “light on” hours, after she’s fully in bloom. Again, this may effect yield quantities, as well.


Thank you. Very good points.