Grow tents? Odor/smell proof?

I currently am using a stainless steel box need more room. The box is completely sealed so there is no odor. How dose a grow tent do as far as keeping the smell down?

In any system the minute you open it to the outside to water, prune check on, etc, the smell is going to escape. If you add a carbon filter you can kill the smell.

Tents are built to circulate air to and from the outside which replaces co2. An airtight room is not recommended.


They do pretty good with proper ventilation, a carbon filter, and humidity maintained.

You’re not having any issues growing in a sealed unit?


I have ventilation and by sealed i mean there are no seams or anything of that sort just the inlit and outlit

The box is 3’ wide can tell in the pic


You would be fine with a tent as long as you’re exhausting slightly more air than you’re bringing in. We usually call it having negative pressure. So even if there was a leaky seam, it would be pulling air in not leaking it out.

The reason im asking is i made a wooden box a couple years ago n grew in that and i still had oder comming from it wasnt the best set up no where how i have it now and this time have my stuff going out side

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Tell me more about the wooden box?

What did you have for ventilation, and we’re you using a carbon filter?

A few pics of it

Has a outlet up top where i had the fan pull air out into a filter but i was pushing through the filter not pulling may had a thing to do with it has the 2 inlets in the bottom and a hole in the back to run cords into the box

What i have now the filter is in the box pulling the air through it wich i believe makes a big difference because im almost done flowering and only time i really have odor of any kind is when i open the door

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When you pull air through the filter there is said to be some benefits from using the larger surface area of the outside. I’m not 100% sure if that’s accurate, but I’ve heard it a few times. Humidity can also hamper the efficiency of the filters. Maybe that could’ve been a difference too.

At any rate, you should be able to manage smell within a tent. You’ll just want to make sure you can maintain a negative pressure condition within the tent. Doesn’t have to be crazy, you just want any leaks to be coming in instead of going out.

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I had neg pressure in the wooden box but i almost positive it was becuase i was push and not pulling the air throught the filter my next step it to make a separate box to house the filter and pull it thought that because i am very limited on the hight i have with my box thats why my plants are bushy n not tall by ne means

I think most would agree that bushy is better, but you should always grow to how you want it.

Is mounting the filter vertically an option? Based off the pictures, it kind of seems like either way you’re going to be limited on space.

Let me ask you this… is building a new slightly larger box out of the question?

Or is there a reason that a tent isn’t a good option? Tents are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with plenty of room to have the filter inside.

I could mount it vertical but im going to add another 12" of depth to my box should give more room up for the lights and push the filter to the back even more

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The only reason i havnt use a tent is i wasnt sure on odor and where i live it not leagal but learning as i got the pics iposted is grow 2.5

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Where I’m from it’s also illegal but I’ve been lucky enough to to find some old hemp seeds that I really want to grow but afraid of the odor since I live with my family but my room is pretty big with a huge walk in closet and bathroom and I was thinking of having a growtent or box in the bathroom with a couple of carbon filters will that work to eliminate smell?