Grow tents and t 5s

so i have a secret jardin dr 90, 3x3x6… i have 4 foot lights… can i turn my tent horizontally ?

I’d be more likely to mount my lights vertically.

You can mount them any way you want. Problem is; You cannot horizontally hang a 4’ lamp in a 3’ grow tent.

Yeah, I see, you are thinking about setting your tent on its side, and I mean, those t5 lights aint that heavy, I have a 8 light assembly, I suppose if you have proper cooling, and a strong support area for the light, I can’t see why you couldn’t. I mean. These tents have the support runners as extras usually at the top, your only problem is if you could use them on the sides, hanging, won’t be as strong.

Sorry; I misread that. I would not turn my tent and lay it down, but I do not see why you cannot if you want to go through the hassle of reconfiguring the layout.

Going to be awful short. If I was to do this; I would only be using it for seedlings and cloning. :slight_smile: