Grow tent ventilation system and humidifier


Yes , you can but with a vent system it will just be running 24/7. Some how you need to maintain humidity , airflow / circulation and ventilation. I manually run the humdifier when needed.


@Ifrit @KJ
I had already purchased this and a humidifier with an auto setting. I was going to use the fan that came with this to use as an inlet fan and purchase the one you linked as an exhaust. But the fan that came with this seems pretty powerful even at the lowest setting so I’m not sure if I should use it as my inlet.


440 cfm is good for exhausting your tent, I think.


@Ifrit @KJ what cfm do you recommend for an inlet?


The rule of thumb seems to be inlet cfm should be about 50 to 75 percent as strong as your exhaust. As long as your exhaust is stronger you’ll be ok. If your inlet is stronger, your tent will have positive pressure and the smell of the plants will leak out.


Funny that, im going to get the same fan/filter combo you posted for my 4x4.


@skgrower. So I got that temp controller you showed me. I’ve been shopping on Amazon for an intake fan and was thinking of going with this as my intake fan. It comes with a temp sensor.


Looks like a good one to me. I use the $20 inline fans from ipower. They’re only good for a year or so, but I have several different intakes because I have 2 rooms. It looks like it is a great fan. @Countryboyjvd1971 or @Hogmaster is an HVAC tech I believe.