Grow tent temperature control

I live in Reno Nevada… the temperature is ususally nice, but in summer gets up to 100 20 times a year, and below 60 all winter long. I gor GDP (for sleep) and The Wife (a CBD strain for pain from another site) in the garage. We start them in the house (grow phase), and move them to the garage (bloom phase). I have a heater which is automatically keeps the temp at 70 (when the nights get too cold)… now we need a cooler that keeps them cool when the temps go above 80… unfortunately, in the garage, with the lights, in an enclosed space, even on a nice day, it gets pretty warm. I want one that has a temperature control so i can set the temp it keeps the room around. it’s a small space, so even a low BTU ac unit will do the trick… anyone have a reccomendation? I am having a hard time finding one i can set the temp on.

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If I was trying to grow in my garage I would only do so with a ductless ac unit. They are often call split system or mini split. Basically a stand alone air handler with separate condensing unit that goes outside. They are a little pricey, but way faster and more efficient than portable or window units. You can even get them with heat to replace heater if you want.

They are available in diy package that has precharged lines and quick connects, so no need to have contractor at your home either.


Just put a regular one in (not the DIY) they come charged enough to charge the lines and still have the correct amount of charge. no need for the DIY and pretty simple to put in. if you can install a window unit and wire the plug you can install a ductless mini split. Definitely recommend!