Grow Tent sucking inwards since adding an extractor fan. Is negative pressure bad?

I’ve recently added an extractor fan to my grow tent. I have an oscillator fan inside and one week before flowering I added the extractor which has started to suck in the sides of my tent inwards. It is causing Negative Pressure. Is this bad? What can I do to fix this? Do I need to fix it?

It’s my first time growing so I was hoping for a little help. Thanks.


No you want negative air pressure for smell of that’s an issue. Does your fam have a dial for speeds? Negative air pressure makes sure no odor escapes.


No dial control unfortunately. As long as it’s not a problem then it’s all good. Thanks so much for the help

You want a little bit of negative pressure, especially if you’re using carbon filter in the tent. Not sure if you have all of your passive intakes open? If you don’t, you can open/close them to increase/decrease amount of negative pressure tent sees. Just be wary they will need to be protected from light leaks when flowering photoperiod plants.