Grow tent (soil) sogs scrogs


Week i was wondering what a tent set up was supposed to look like (pics ) im not dumb but no mistakes needed if they don’t have to be made! The ducts that run from (through) light its connected on also they go on end of light and on both ends they go outside tent? Just at a loss when it comes to tent any feedback needed as i will be asking all that i need to know


sounds to me like you have the main idea


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I literally just finished my new grow tent I built. This is my second one now. I make them specifically for me, and my grow setup. I don’t need vent holes or even a ceiling. But, if you needed to add vent holes or a ceiling, it would be extremely easy to do so. I bought a roll of panda film, PVC pipes and joints, some poly duct tape, and 2 tarp zippers. Simple and easy to put together, and cost me around $60.