Grow Tent Questions

Hello All: I’m in the market for a 3x3x6 tent. In reading the negative critiques of various manufacturers, I’m stumped. I’m more concerned with quality than cost, but across the board all seem to share like flaws and critical reviews.

I faced the same thing. Just have to remember that an unhappy customer is far more likely to post a review than a happy one. So you have to account for that in the postings. Almost, well no… every tent had people saying there were light leaks. We finally just made a choice balancing price . warranty, and feedback.
You cannot eliminate all risk of problems, so try to find the one that has the features you desire with decent reviews at a price you like.


That’s pretty much it. :point_up::point_up:
Other than that, zip yourself in, and look for leaks.
Personally, I am not that anal about light leaks, but I have no equipment that’s giving off any light. I THINK most hermaphroditism situations, are from genetics. Your grow may vary, and the above opinion is solely my own, I hold no responsibility for consequences. LOL


Thanks. I tend to read the lukewarm reviews as it highlights problems with the item and the support you can expect.


I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone complain about gorilla grow tents. Of course they are pretty pricey too. Whatever you buy just take a good look at construction and look for light leaks before you start growing in it.

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I have two tents, the 4 X 8 is a modestly priced unit like most that you see advertised. I has many light leaks along the stitches and the zippers. That is OK as I only veg and propagate in that tent.

My 8 X 8 tent is a Gorilla Grows tent with the height extension. It was very expensive (~$1000) and worth every cent! The zippers are a bit stiff to operate at first but tent does seal the light in/out. If I needed the 4 X 8 for flower I would replace it with another Gorilla Grows tent.

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