Grow tent question dehumidifier

Hey everyone. I have a make shift grow room set up in my shed right now. For my next grown I want to get a 5x5 grow tent. I already have lights and fans and a dehumidifier. My question is this- what else do I need? From the looks of it most of these grow tents have a carbon filter vent fan. Does that act as the dehumidifier Fan too or do I need that in addition to my fans and dehumidifier? Would love to see someone’s set up if they want to share. Thanks.


Carbon filter is typically used in late stage flowering, like week 4 or 5. Not typically used to dehumidify a tent.

Gotcha. So I would still need to incorporate my dehumidifier during veg and flowering to prevent mold, etc? It’s kind of a big house type dehumidifier so would I just wheel that thing in to the tent or leave it outside of it?

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Without knowing the specifics, I would say the room its in, or the room your intake fan is in. What is your average humidity in your city?

Live in the south so in summer it gets pretty high. Was going to try some autos over the winter so not sure humidity will be a problem. More of keeping it warm enough will be my issue till next spring.

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Chances of needing a humidifier are greater in the winter than a dehumidifier. Since most heating units remove humidity. I use a small electric space heater and supplement with fans and a humidifier.

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I would get your tent set up, with the fixings, and see what the hydrometer tells you, make decisions from there.

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I used a small fan and inline fan attached to a carbon filter for smell and heat control in my tent this year. I used a full size dehumidifier right outside of my tent which seemed to control humidity levels pretty well. If it happens to be a humid season when you’re growing just be prepared to empty it often or have it where it can automatically drain. Hope this helps. Happy growing!