Grow tent question about space to grow 2 plants

From a fellow grower: Do you think a 4”x4” tent with a 1000w LED will be enough space/light to grow 1 of each

Plenty of space for 2 plants if they aren’t SCROGged like crazy, but that doesn’t sound like nearly enough light. I’m planning on two 1500W LEDs for a 30x60.

The 4x4 will give you plenty of space for two plants.

Lights is the bigger conversation. If you’re talking 1000 watt amazon light look for the actual watts consumed. They tend to be down is the 165 range. I suggest trying to get close to 500 actual watts for the 4x4 space in order to grow really nice plants.

I learned the hard way to bite the bullet and get nice light the first time around. It will save you money in the long run. Horticulture lighting group has some top of the line lights that I run now. I’m happy I went that route.


quick update, as this was my question- i am hoping to grow 4 autos in this space

4x4 is plenty for 2 plants, but 4 will get tight. I can barely get three 3 gallon fabric pots in my 20x30 and none of the plants were hanging over the edge of their pots.

I run 6 plants in my 4x4 tent clearing 550grams of wet trimmed bud weight on each plant
As for 1000w led its probably junk
I run 2 cool hood 600w mh/hps lights with 2 288qb running everything at 100%

There’s 4 in there now but one hermied when a timer went out and the sage n sour got root rot on me