Grow tent price


What should I expect to spend on a 4x4 grow tent and if I’m not worried bout smell do I need a inline fan will be using hps/mh lights


about 90$ on tent
and i would use a fan if possible to control rh,as well as heat issues
happy growing @Newb1


Tents definitely vary in price. You can find a 4x4 tent for around 100$ but they can go all the way up to 400$+ with the Gorilla tents. I wouldn’t expect you to get one of those though.


Those lights run hot and exhaust fan will help keep your temps in the tent down
Also depends on the outside ambient temperature too


I got a pretty good tent off eBay for $65 And it worked pretty good for me it’s a 4x4x6 tent.

With the soil, pots and lights fans meters and a decent ph pin and nutrients to get going you will probably be around $400 all together


I run MH & HPS in Texas. I Have to use a cool tube but depends in your climate.


@Laurap that cool tube works good I have a setup already but wanna go bigger my light only have the wings no tube and it get hot thought bigger tent would b less heat i going to have to try that cool tube


Absolutely love mine! You can place your hand on it!


What size tent light and fan you have I’m looking at a 4x4x6 with a 4in exhaust fan with a 600 watt light will that 4in fan work you think


Ive gotta a 39x39x72 tent using 400 MH & 400 HPS. I also put in two of those cheap led grow lights for more side ventilation. Phew with a 600 HPS your problem will be heat. Youll have to get a cool tube or temps will kill you


@Newb1 on my 4x4x6 grow tent i had to go with a 6 inch exhaust fan. I use a 600w mh/hps for veg and flower. My temp was at 82 to 84 degrees with the mh it is a gull wing. Then for flower i run 2 600w hps one has a cool tube and with both on i was running 83 to 88 degrees depending how hot it is outside i have pictures i can post if you want. Hope this helps you out


@ThcinKC just seen your setup on another post just didn’t wanna hijack that post but yea would you post your setup so I can see yours looks like i will have almost the same set up



I’m going to portable scorgs in stead of one big one it’s easier to trim and you can just take a plant to the bathtub and flush it with no mess in the tent. I will make the stands out of 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc. I will post pictures with dimensions in case you want to do something similar


Very nice yea if you get a chance please do post the dimensions


Hey just wanted to let you know i have not forgot about putting up the dimensions just finished them last night will post with pictures later


Here’s my build that I’ve been using for a couple of years. Post number 136.


Nice i built something similar but for a 4x4 tent
That is pretty nice :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: