Grow tent, or other recommendations

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey I have a question for ya. I need like a grow tent for around 175-250$. I’ve got a hydroponics system going with 1000 wat grow lights I haven’t found anything that is durable and quality material. I haven’t started yet because i just cant find the right tent or box to grow in. do you recommend anything that might be better then a tent to keep my baby’s safe and secret? I only have 3. I’m willing to pay more if it’s worth it. Please help.

Have you ever consider using “black/white” poly - this way you can make your space with some ease. if using poly get some zipper’s for the door. The size of tent you want to purchase for the amount o=f money you have will be quite small and only enough room for 1 or 2 plants. Using “poly” you can design your spce to what/how you want it. it comes in 10 by 10 and up sizes.Or checkout this site or go on web and put “marijuana growing tents”

Have you looked into cabinets or refrigerators? I just finished modding a fridge into a small grow space and I’ve seen other spaces like that. For 3 plants, it seems like it might be fine.

I highly recommend MarsHydro here. Their tents are extremely well made, durable and light concealing. Several fan options, vents and electrical openings are included along with good steel frame and fittings. 3’3"x3’3"x71" will cost less than half of a gorilla tent and in my opinion is every bit as good. Just my 2 cents worth.