Grow Tent nightmare

I recently got a grow Tent and I am the most in handy person ever. Putting the frame together was mostly not an issue until I got to the top part or support part of the tent frame. It took me hours to get that right as the tent kept falling apart in that process…Really I spent 4 or 5 hours doing that…my real issue is framing the tent. I spent so far about 16 hours trying to frame the Tent and I am not even kidding. The tent is a 2 by 2 by 5. The issue is. Whatever side I zip up the opposite side will not zip it’s as if the Tent is too short for the frame by such a small amount that it’s impossible to fully close the tent. I tried starting at the bottom putting the frame in the exact right spot and slowly pulled the tent up and when I went to zip up the top would not close so I did the opposite I started at the bottom but focused on framing the top perfectly then zipped up the top and tried zipping the bottom and the top zipped perfectly but the bottom would not zip. It’s a real nightmare. The plant will be fine I suspect even though I have a huge gaping hole because the tent won’t zip the area around the tent is very humid and the light is strong enough to where the leak although not ideal hasn’t stopped the plant from growing…how do I fix this nightmare?


Take it apart and start again or check your corners , you have to make sure they’re TIGHT against the frame


Welcome to the community ! Yeah as @GreenSnek mentioned take it down start over, look at the picture diagram. All of the posts an support bars should be numbered. At least the ones I have dealt with have been. good luck my friend


Sometimes u might have to leave 1bar out of its spot zip it then finagle it in spot. I had to with my 2x4x5 tent just leave 1 bar it into a corner. Might be a bit tricky to get that pole in but it works.


Don’t try and assemble the tent standing in the upright position lay it on it’s side and roll around to install the fabric pulling tight on each side then stand up.
It worked better for me this way
Good luck


I had the same exact issue and it turns out I had just one rod on the wrong frame which made the frame a bit bigger and would not zip and close.
I took it all apart and put it back together and yup it turns out I had a rod connected on the top that belonged on the side walls :joy:
So turns out I had wrong size rods connected to each other.
Hope this helps


BINGO. Did the same thing. Took it apart completely, check poles and reassemble.


All good advices. There should be a thread of Grow Tent assembly fails. I think most of us have experienced some amount of cursing at a new tent.

…really it’s not much different than camping tents lol


Yes many good infos here :sunglasses:

Sometimes you got to step back have a beer or smoke a joint and try again


Yup I was done with the frame and I realized I had all the bottom corners orientated wrong so they didn’t fit snug in the sleeve other then that it went swimmingly ( though I had to set it up in such a small space I had to keep rotating it as I sleeved it , that SUCKED)


I tried that but the tent is about as flimsy as can be. The thing falls apart if the wind blows side ways and truth be told the reason I got such a small Tent is I don’t have much room to work with otherwise I’d just go with a giant Tent. I don’t really have the room to put the tent on it’s side and work on it. I put it together and I am working in such a small amount of space.

It’s probably the issue. The instructions don’t even have words. Hmmm

dont mean this as a smart ass, but i litterly just put my 2x2x48 tent up, it too me about 30 min to do it, put the post together just as the numbers say in the pics, i folded out the tent with the bottom on the floor put frame in bottom first , than had a friend grab one side i got the other and pulled straight up and over top, my tent opened up to lay complety flat when unzipped all the way, dont know what tent you got, mine i believe is a vivosun, but litterly on took about30 min, maybe i got lucky,but it fits nice and snug, good luck to tou

or start that way, it helped me

Cant blame the translation I guess.

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That’s part of my issue. I am being secretive so I don’t want to get friends involved so I am working completely solo. Being that I am working solo. I don’t have a friend to help me do anything. I did try to take it apart and do it all over again and the result was the same. I guess I really suck at this and that’s fine heck the plant isn’t bothered by it and as a bonus I only need one fan since no exhaust needed when you have a giant hole in your tent :joy::joy:.

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I put together a 4X4X80 by myself. It took about 30 minutes total. And I was putting it together in a 6’ wide room. It’s not rocket science or I could not have done it. :blush::blush: