Grow Tent Needs?

Ok so I am starting my first grow. i wasn’t planning on getting a grow tent but i saw one for a good price that is the exact size i would need. do i absolutely have to get a carbon filter immediately? or will i be ok with just the lights and a couple of fans?

Let someone more knowledgeable than me answer but for what it’s worth, there won’t be a smell problem at first but the filter and fan also help move clean air into the tent and is important for air flow and possibly helping manage heat etc. So no I wouldn’t say you needed it immediately but it should definitely be on your list soon. I started from seed and went a little over a month before hooking mine up.

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Ok cool thank you. and i mean really is a tent even necessary?

Depends on your grow area I’d say. You need total darkness for the times the lights aren’t on. Tents also can help keeping pests out, or kids, or animals etc. For me, my tent allows me to more or less control my environment which is helpful. I suppose it’s semi stealthy…although surely the fan humming and blue glow from my air vents would raise questions lmao.

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yea i def feel that. i actually just got some auto seeds from here so im not too worried about total darkness. i do have a couple bag seeds im playing around with so that would be the only reason i would need total dark

Just tent, Fox Farm ocean or forest one, led light, fans, water, keep a close eye & patience. Check out my other post(s) that has more detail if you want to. Current stage-flower almost harvest time. :nerd_face::nerd_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

preciate that bro i’ll definitely be checking you out. i posted my grow journal, so if you have any tips or anything for me just hit me up

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Still new but willing to learn as well. Didn’t see the need for a carbon filter for smell/cleaner air just wasted money in my opinion. :man_shrugging: I have two six inch fans on both sides where the filter would be (on my model) some adjusting and tape to seal the sides and perfect airflow circulation. I also didn’t do the whole PH balance maybe next time. :sweat_smile:

Plants don’t really produce any odor until they are in flower. With autos - right around 1 month and will take a little while to produce much of an odor. With photos it will be after they receive 12 hrs of darkness.
If you don’t mind the smell or have concerns about someone else smelling it, then there is no need for a carbon filter. They still need air movement and fresh air.


Sometimes you will get a little stank while in veg.


Since I don’t have to worry about smell, I don’t need one.

ok yea im not really too worried about smell. i think my biggest reason for getting one is it just seems easier to keep plants together. any suggestions on tents good for about 4 plants?

Depends on if they are Photos or Autos. I have a 4x4 and I have already done this with 4 Photo plants. Big freaking mistake. Even with my 2 HLG 260xl rspec one plant was loaded but no strength. She was pulled with plenty of trichomes so edibles was made from her.

Then I had 2 Super Monsters and one ok. I wouldn’t do more than 2 Photos at a time. Especially Sativa dominant strains.

Now with Autos I would put at least 4 in.:+1:

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That’s really cultivar-specific. I know some scotoperiod-insensitive cultivars that will fill a 2x4 with a single plant.

I can fill a 4x4x80” with only one plant. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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The case for an enclosure is:

  • Pest mitigation
  • Climate control
  • Discretion
  • Optimal light coverage

ok yea ill be doing autos for now. i have a couple of bagseeds im paling around with so im pretty sure those are photo

Check out FullDuplex and his work.

Ok cool. For now I only plan on doing 2-3 plants at a time. I been looking at some 2x2x4, are those too small? I maybe can go a little bigger but I’m putting it inside my closet.

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I would like to recommend looking for something a little taller if you take in consideration the height of the pot hanging the lights the hangers and keeping the distance between the light and the plant . Not going to leave you much to work with. Just my thoughts good luck