Grow tent liners


So I was Amazon window shopping and came across a $70, 48" x 48" tent.
When I looked, maybe this was why?

“Inner Lining Material: 100% Highly Reflective Waterproof Aluminum Foil”

That was repeated a few times throughout the description.

“Aluminum Foil Inner Lining Make Good Use of Light”

or is that code for Mylar?


Hahaha that’s funny! I don’t think it’s a code name for Mylar lol, I think it may actually be aluminum foil!

Post the link, I’d love to see it!

And now that I thought about it, I don’t think any material other than glass is 100% reflective


I found the ad…the title, which I didn’t notice after the tin foil blurb, does state Mylar…


You’re right, it does say in the title Mylar, but the description says aluminum foil. Very shady!

They may be showing us pictures of the good tents with Mylar, but what you get in the mail might be the aluminum foil lol. I posted a question on the item about the lining, so we’ll see if the manufactures get back to me with an answer.


eBay has sellers for that manufacturer…here’s a description from their sale

“Highly reflective and properly insulated material that maximizes the use of light
Silver water proof PVC covered by aluminium film as inner lining”

Mylar is in the title, not mentioned in the description.


That’s so shady haha