Grow tent lighting 4x4 size - wing or air cooled 1000wt HID/MH


which style apollo 1000 wt light would be best for a 4x4x6 tent the round air cooled style or the more open wing style? and also I’m concerned about temps rising to high so any suggestions?

thanks so much


if high temps are a big concern I would go with the air cooled as you can get more of the generated heat out of the tent easier…also…with a 4x4 tent,… 600W would probably be sufficient…and perhaps slightly cooler…


I definitely recommend the air cooled hood. That light will get hot and the hood allows you to suck the heat out and away from the tent.

I personally use a 600w in a 5’x5’x6.5’ tent. But a 1000w would be nicee!



I wouild listen to @Oak and @ktreez420. 1000wt is way to hot. Trust me been there changhing that… To 600wt for flower. 400wt for vegg…lol


I’ve read that out of HID lights, 600w are the most efficient by a significant margin, and would be more than enough light in that tent


I read about that too before I bought my lights, but wasn’t really sure if it was true or not. It made sense though!


I want to try a cooltube in my veg room. I’ve read they disperse the light better, and are adjustable to an extent. Been a couple times, I’ve raised my hood, when zi think the tube would have covered at the lower height.


The tube definitely does give you a wider area of light. The hood is a tighter canopy of light. For me though the hood is essential! For my veg tent it would probably be better to have the tube. :thinking:


Same for me. Will definitely keep the air cooled in flower room. In that space, 34" X 38", it really has equaled, or surpassed growth under full sun.


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I don’t see slot of temp variance with my cool hood honestly. Lights off/on about 3-5°. And I could BBQ if I dropped it. But this isn’t in a tent. Has high ceilings