Grow tent in bedroom

From a fellow grower: I have a question. I have my grow tent set up in a spare bedroom. Do I need to keep the door shut to the room or is it ok to leave it open during the 12 hours my lights are off

As long as tent is closed and no light getting to plants, u should be good

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I have my tent in the room I sleep in, I turn the light on in there all the time, the tent is lightproof so it doesn’t matter.

Maybe leave the door open, tent closed so as to not deplete co2.

I always zip myself into my tent with outside lights on to check for any new light leaks before starting a new grow. That way if I forget to turn my basement light off I’m not worried about it messing with my plants. If you are 100% sure you don’t have light leaks then you shouldn’t have a problem.

I have my grow tent door wide open and I have never had a problem. The room is still dark enough that you can’t see the plants in the tent.

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