Grow tent for widows

Hello all, received wonderful info yesterday and at it again today. I realize now that I need a grow tent. Heres my plan. I’m buying the mix widow feminized seed pack on ilgm. I want to grow 1 of each of those plants from seeds to harvest in this grow tent. What’s the minimum size i can get? Also I’m going with the fabric pots and plan on using same pot from seed to harvest and need to know the size I need. 2 gallon each enough? I know I need to factor fans in the tent. Would 2 small fans be good for 3 plants? And final question. What can I put in grow tent to keep smell down once they start to flower? Thanks guys and gals very much!!!

Generally each plant required 2x2ft each.

  1. for 3 smaller plants I’d go with a 2’x4’x5’ tent. Don’t buy ipower they suck

  2. 5 gallon cloth bags are the perfect size. Start in a solo cup, transplant to 1 gallon plastic, then the final 5 gal cloth bag.

  3. buy a 4" exhaust fan, flex ducting, and a carbon filter. It’ll keep the air exchanging and keep the smell down to nothing when the tent is zipped. If that’s not in the budget, ona gel can cover a lot of smells

  4. most importantly. Get a decent pH meter.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions as you go along


While you are getting your pH meter get a TDS/PPM meter also. I have pen style that are highly rated on amazon that work fine. Don’t get a pH meter that is difficult to calibrate. (Read the reviews for negatives)

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Recommend the Apera PH-60 5 in 1 meter… does pH, EC, TDS, Salinity, and Temp… And it can be calibrated 1, 2, or 3 points…

I got a vantakool pen type. Cheap and it works great. Key is that it’s highly rated:

Awesome. Thanks guys so much. Will def get a ph meter but what is tds/rpm? When I had ph spike up or down in my fish tanks years ago I would add ph upper or lower. How do I keep ph levels at 6.5 consistently? I have my Amazon order almost complete. Getting paid Friday and making my purchase for lights, timer, grow tent, fabric pots. Next order will be ph meter and whatever the tds/rpm is lol and carbon filter etc. If everything goes the way I want I should be starting my first grow in the next month or so.

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TDS/PPM is total dissolved solids/ parts per million, how much nutes are in the water.

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before you buy lights @420budman, i would talk to these folks here about what you are going to get. just read another’s post and he had his third try using amazon “blurples” and was not happy with the size of the buds. this is one of your most important buys for getting good buds so make sure of what you are getting. it is cheaper to buy right the first time than to buy two or three different lights, especially in a small area. if you are doing 2 plants a 2x4 is fine, any more than that and you’re going to want a 4x4. also the 2x4x5 is workable but if you search hard you can get a taller tent. mine is 4x4x6 but is hard to find, most are 4x4x6.5.

Awesome, thanks I greatly appreciate it. These are the lights I’m looking at currently.
Btw what are blurples? Def wanna go led bc my light bill is already kinda high and the house I’m living in has shitty electricity so when I run more than 2 in window acs my power cuts out lol

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those are the aforementioned “blurples”. talk to @dbrn32 about making your own quantum board. if you have any skills at all, i don’t, you can build your own for about what you’re going to spend on that light. he will know how much out the wall that that light eats and i think you will find the quantum board will be more cost efficient and effective.

as for two ac’s at once, my master electician buddy just informed me when i added my second inline fan and dropped power that AC’s are supposed to be on dedicated circuits. he is going to be putting some 12/3 to a box so i can have two circuits. lol

but seriously, talk to folks on here before you buy your lights and check out this thread under indoors growing on forums. there are a bunch of people on here who use them and got them a lot cheaper than my cmh that i paid 650 for. and they love them and are getting great results.

Let’s talk DIY lights

it is under indoors, lights and ventilation


I can help with a light build if that’s the way you’re gonna go. Did you decide on a tent size yet?


Thx for the fast reply and info!!! Will def have someone install a new circuit breaker!!

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I repair computers for a living but not sure I can build light though lol. But if its not difficult and no more than $210 total I will give it a go. Well I wanna grow 3 plants. 1 white widow, 1 black widow and 1 chronic widow. @Drinkslinger mentioned a 2x4x5. Will that size work?

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A 2’x4’x5’ will work for 3 small/med plants. Bigger is better, but then you need more lighting, space, and budget.

$210 is going to be a tough number to hit for 8 square feet, (2’x4’). With qb’s/strips and diy I’ve only managed to hit $1/watt. You’ll need 250w± You might have some stuff laying around which can help reduce cost. @dbrn32 is your best resource for lighting.

Please, don’t rush into buying stuff. Get a good organized plan, then ask lots of questions, then read, then ask again. The first $1k I spent could’ve bought much better stuff if I’d not been so impatient.

Cultivating cannabis takes a lot of patience.


Pretty easy to build a light, but $210 will be difficult. I prefer 3x3 over 2x4, but either will do for your purpose. For either I would think more like $250-300. But that would be a big jump over anything you can buy for similar price.

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Thanx. Will do. Def doing my best to not pull the trigger and buying now but I’m really excited lol. But I appreciate you helping me now and helping me not waste money on something that dont work. I’m mainly doing this for 2 reasons. Been wanting to grow forever ago but wanted to do it right with quality seeds and equip. Now that I’ve seen to have found a legit site to buy seeds and a great forum now is a great timing lol. The other reason is I’m tired of buying shit weed from people and really never knowing what’s in it. To be honest I will be happy to get an ounce from each plant. It’s only going to be for personal use with no desire to sell. Maybe smoke up a few of my buds… not the plant lol. But I do want quality.

If you grow 1 plant in a 3’x3’, with proper lights you could easily get 4oz… just sayin.

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Well damn. Lol so just curious if I were to go with the lights I linked you think I could at least get 2oz of quality bud

Yes, although I truly have a hard time recommending amazon blurple panels.
That light wouldn’t be enough for 3 plants in a 2’x4’ or a 3’x3’.

You could probably diy a bridgelux strip panel that uses 2/3rd the power, with better efficacy, for the same price. Light wattage does not equal light wattage when you compare them.

Search this site for diy leds, maybe you’ll be inspired.

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