Grow tent for a sealed room?

Can you use a grow tent for a sealed room style grow? How air tight can it actually be with all the zippers and duct vents?

Not air tight at all.

Typical sealed grow has air conditioning to control temp, co2 generator to replenish what plants consume, and the same stuff needed in any other grow. Would be difficult to get all that stuff into most tents.

And the ac has to be a mini split so that it’s not exchanging any of the air in the room, correct? A portable ac exchanges the air but what about a window unit? Isn’t the heat exchange on the outside part of the unit?

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… and what about building a shell around a tent…? 3/4” foam insulation with a little air gap between the foam and tent… that would seal it but would it insulate enough to be able to cool 100sqft when the temp is 80-95° on the outside of the tent/room? Would an actual room be able to be cooled with high temps? Like in a warehouse?

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If you do that there isn’t a need for a tent. Just make a sealed room


Window unit will work but they’re energy hogs, that’s why you usually see the ductless in grow rooms.

That is more or less what I was thinking.

I already have a tent setup…

Me too. That’s how I started, found myself asking the same questions. I have a room now :joy:.

Wasn’t trying to sound rude, it was late and I was baked :man_shrugging:t2:

All good! Yeah… trying to decide if I should build rooms or just get a 40k btu mini split… I have 1500 sqft with 16’ ceiling… @22,000 cubic feet… I think a mini split is the best choice… could use all of the space… have a big ass shutter exhaust, exchanges all 22,000 cubic feet in 4 min… plus 4 8” wall vents.