Grow tent, extracting oils

A question from a fellow grower:

I am planning on buying a 55" square grow tent using 1000 watt bulb, 1st is 4 plants to many for the size of tent, and 2nd I’ve seen many ways of extracting oil (her perfered method for ingestion) I was wondering what your thought on extracting would be, and 3rd making shatter with (hopefully) left overs. Thanks

Hi you have about 18sq. Ft. Thats good for 4 plants. There is a few ways to remove the oil. RSO (Rick Simson oil) is what I make. I try to use Everclear 190 proof to extract. It’s hard to find in ca. 151 is all they sale here, got to go to AZ. For it. So I tried the isopropyl alcohol that I get from Amazon it’s 99.9% so not much water. You just need to remove ALL solvent from the oil. I use a little metal pot and a coffee mug heater, leave it on there till no bubbles in oil. You can read how he does it, Phoenixtears.Ca/producing-the-oil.
I got 8 grams of oil from 30grams

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