Grow tent essentials

A question from a fellow grower:

I’d like to grow in a grow tent but actually don’t know what are the most vital materials are needed.
Because I’m only a starter I can’t afford to buy everything.

You need an air duct, exhaust fan, and lights, @Donaldj can I get a few opinions @garrigan62 you as well

Think you have it covered aside from optional if needed humidifier or ac and circulation fans but optional based on size of light temp and humidity control

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Thanks buddy, I knew I was missing a couple things, how are you doing

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Add a pH test kit from the beginning and save yourself headaches to come!


not bad just starting back up on my work season my air layering worked awesome and have flower room down to 2 plants so can deal with my mites easier now but all in all doing quite well

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Nice!! That’s always a good thing mites are a headache to think about lol always good to be prepared for the little bastards, I got them the very first time I grew have avoided them since (knock on wood). I’m looking in to making some grow room investments, thinking I may try a 1200 watt diamond series led trying to reel in opinions first though lol