Grow tent equipment help

Hi. I am trying to put together a grow tent and am trying to figure out what I need. I am trying to have 3-4 plants I do auto flower in 5 gallon cloth pots. I am currently growing indoor but my wife does not like the smell and it smells throughout the house in final phase of flowering :rofl: Here are my thoughts so far:

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6" with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller
AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 733 Advance Grow Tent, 36”x36”x72”

What am I missing outside of the light? Is the tent ok for 3-4 plants?

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It would be fine for 4 modest-sized plants, a circulating fan inside would be good too. I might also suggest 3 gallon over 5 gallon.


I use a small 6 inch fan with tent clips for each corner 2 high and 2 low it keeps a good circulation for the ladies but I also use 2 6 inch for the floor to get a nice breeze thru the canopy. Other than that you’ll need to find a way to combat humidity being too high or low and probably a sensor to record your temp and humidity dips thru the season so you can get things dialed in

Thanks @BigCat420 any fan brand recommended? I am aiming for quiet if possible.

I’m running 4 in a 32x32. 3 photos in 3 gallons, and an auto in 1 gallon. It is super tight. Definitely go for 3 gallons, and do LST and get something that will help the walls from sucking in from the vacuum created by your exhaust.

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Brands don’t really matter but you want a clip end on it if your mounting to the tent poles. These are about $14-$15 a pop


So I just put together my new grow tent and am waiting for the T6 and the filter to come. My understanding is that the filter connect to the T6 to get the air out of the tent (vent to the top or the side?). What do I need to get the air in? That seems like such a silly question but I am not sure if I need to get the bottom ventilations holes open or do I need to get a fan to help get the air in. If it is the second one, I would love a recommendation on what to pair with the T6. Thank you!

Never mind. It’s all in the manual.