Grow “tent” closet climate control question

I have a 5x7 closet set up as my grow “tent”. Humidifier, fan, intake, exhaust, space heater, and lights.

My question is I would like to run the fresh air intake and exhaust for roughly 1-3 minutes every 30 minutes let’s say to keep air moving from the room into the closet. I have a timer for this but I am looking for one of those humidity/temperature sensor timers that will also work as a regular timer.

Meaning this timer will follow my schedule of turning on for 1 minute every 30 mins, but also turn on the intake and exhaust if the temperature or humidity raise above my parameters.

Maybe I’m being nit picky. Just want to hear some suggestions. Thanks!

A welcome @Tyhackett1 you can depend on getting some great tips here.
I have been using this Sentinel EV-2 but it’s pretty old.

I found this one on Amazon’s that can control your heat and humidity. This would control exhaust fans for humidity and cooling.

Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controller ITC-608T Pre-Wired Dual Stage Thermostat 120VAC 15A 1800W ETL Listed Mushroom Greenhouse Homebrew

To control your lights and tent fan I use one of these digital programmable dual outlet timers. For lights and air circulation inside tent.

BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer, FD60 U6, 115V, 60Hz, Dual Outlet, For Lamp Light Fan Security UL Listed(2 Pack)


Thank you for the warm welcome. That Sentinel does look ancient! Usually the older equipment is more reliable.

Thank you for the recommendations I’ll have to check those out

Yes it has been in service for a decade and then some.
I’ve seen some of the newer controls that work over Bluetooth so you can monitor and control settings from your phone.

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Phenomenal investment, I have my fans going all the time on low however the inkbird controller makes regulating temps a breeze, I set my differential limit 5% or 5° and it kicks on/off a small space heater and or humidifier, it takes a lot of stress out of adjusting my environment, I am considering the purchase of a second on the next grow to regulate the fans,


Both my humidifier and heater I have won’t turn on with timers or anything. If they’re hooked up to a timer and the timer kicks on they don’t operate they just have standby power

Which types are you using ?

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Probes in the tent at canopy height is really all there is for set up

Basic space heater I got from a local hardware store, set to “On” whenever power is applied (via ITC controller)

You must have an actual toggle switch that keeps the circuit ON when power is applied

Humidifier I found at a pet store for lizards and stuff, it comes with a hose but I removed it and it vapes into the tent, again a toggle switch is needed to keep the device turned ON so that when the controller/timer turn on the device turns on

Sorry for rambling, just got a new pod and feelin gooooooooood

They’ve helped me create a wonderful environment for my girls to thrive and really hit the VPD

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Nice screen and great looking canopy! Now it makes sense with the humidifier and heater. All the newer model heaters and humidifiers have power buttons or less buttons overall, and especially not mechanical knobs. Older is sometimes way better. I’ve been trying to use what I have on hand so I’ll have to rely on the heater thermostat and humidifier hygrometer. They’re not accurate but they’re consistent in their inaccuracies if that makes sense

How long does that fogger last between fill ups? Tank size roughly?

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During veg I had to refill every 1-2 days, I kept it at full power so it would mist the tent faster, I haven’t filled it in about a week but I’m keeping it in the 50s now that I’m in flower!

And thank you very much! This is my first grow and I’ve learned a ton from this forum, great place to get and trade tips and tricks

The tank is 3L


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