Grow tent ceiling

I was curious to see if removing the ceiling portion of the grow tent would have any negative effect. I get that all other portions reflect light but the ceiling above the lights remains darker anyway. The main reason I was thinking of doing this is to let the heat escape completely since heat rises. What’s your thoughts?


Most of the time people use a tent to created a controlled environment including heating,cooling, humidity and SMELL. Much less to keep the outside pests and contaminants.
Obviously those will all be compromised at you might as well be growing in the open space they are in.
Obviously this is a light and ventilation issue so tell me what your intake and exhaust is and where they go to and come from.
How big is the tent and what lights are you running?

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My tent is set up inside my house where the conditions are controlled. Also because of this Im not concerned about pest. The reason I don’t have an open grow inside the room is due to light loss from not having reflective sides. My lights are led, my intake is fed from an ac vent from my ceiling into the bottom of the tent and exhaust is towards the top of the tent venting the heat into the room.

Yeah theoretically you could turn entire room into grow space. Are you vegging in this tent or flower? Light leak could be an issue if in flower depending on your time line


I am vegging and flowering inside the same tent. Wanted to use the tent due to light leakage but feel if I removed the ceiling portion of the tent I wouldn’t be loosing much light plus all the heat could rise up and out without having to use more electricity for ventilation

Are you running autos? Does tent have individual sections? Light leak is worrying about light coming in, not being lost decreasing ppfd. What light schedule are you on - 24/0 18/6 or 12/12? If your running autos I guess wouldn’t be the end of the world but I would imagine 18/6 would increase grow over predetermined life span. If your running photos your flowering plants will reveg if you have more than 12 hrs light… veg will flower after a period of less than 12… am I missing something? Sorry if so just wanna help :slight_smile:

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Running photos with 18/6 in veg and 12/12 in flower. At night when lights go out I would cover the top and go blackout so no light gets in.

If you can cover top with something about same time every night you could do it


Light leaks are more about light getting in than out. If you do that you would need to make sure it sealed light tight during flower lights out time. Light leaks will cause photo plants to not flower or go hermaphrodite.

Are you not running and exhaust fan? In climate controlled room simply removing air from top of tent with fan and allowing fresh air in bottom should do.