Grow system advice

A question from a fellow grower:

Been looking at totally contained unit by super closet with LED lights. Any info on these style of units? comes with everything needed except CO2. Never done indoor or anything hydro need to stay semi low key with op as I have grown kids of my own. Like the fact of odor control and low heat with LED.
Unit is 3x3x5’6". One question is this is about a $2000 investment for a newbie is this a smart move? I have a pretty green thumb usually take 5-8 blue ribbons at the local fair with my numerous veggies every year out of hundreds of entries so feel pretty comfortable with trying hydro. Any info would be appreciated

Honestly I wouldn’t start that high being a newbie id start cheap and work your way up to more expensive equipment when your ready

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Just wait a while for the CO2 - NiIce and slow - Go for it !