Grow space - closet 4x2x8

Planing on using a closet that is 4 feet long 2 feet wide 8 feet tall. My 600 watt led says max coverage at 24 inches 4x4 core coverage 3x3. About how many planets can I plan on putting in there? Am I getting ahead of myself with hopping for 5?

I would maybe try 4 to start. 5 may be a little crowed, imo. I hope this helps

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This is my tent, it’s 4x4 and I plan to just put one more in the middle

Are those 5 gallon?

Yes, all are 5 gallon

Appreciate it sir.

Not a problem, I hope that helps. Just holler if you need anything. Good luck growin

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Any insight helps, thanks again

Not a problem, that’s one reason I’m here haha
Holler if you need anything and welcome to the community

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I have a 4x2x5 grow tent with 3 in 5 gal pots, starting flowering stage. I couldn’t fit another in there as they already are touching each other. Very bushy :grinning:


@step1107 any photos?


Nice setup step

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Sweet looks like they are coming along

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I have a 2 x 3 growing area and I’m only doing one plant. I would only do two or three at the max. If you grow two plants and do them right you will have the same or more yield than if you did 5 plants.


How many you can fit depends on how you want to grow them. This is 2 Goldleaf plants in a 4x4 tent and it fills it up. Grown in CoCo with 3 gallon smart pots. I yielded 1.5 pounds between the two.


Appreciate it yall

Make sure to get good ventilation. My LEDs cooked a 4x2x8 closet cuz there was no air coming in. Three 5 gal pots will fill that room with good care.


@JTheH what size is your light

That was my 600w HID. This grow was earlier this year. Running a 1200w LED in my new tent now and this 600w HID in another to see the difference in how they grow.