Grow Room - What am I missing?

Had my first grow last summer. Loved it, and ready for more. So I’m putting together a grow room (well grow tent I guess), and I have some ILGM auto seeds ready to go – I’m looking to grow 3 autos in soil. This is what I’ve ordered thus far:

  • 2x4x6 CoolGrows Tent
  • HLG 260W XL
  • AC Infinity Cloudline T6 Inline Fan with Carbon Filter
  • 7" clip on oscillating fan
  • 5 gallon smart pots
  • Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil and nutrient trio

So am I missing anything that I need to get up and running? Thanks in advance!


Ph and tds meter ,hydrometer, humidifier, dehumidifier, digital programmable timer


And pH meter an TDS meter, pH up an down


:rofl::rofl: same vibes @GreenSnek

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Even if i’m growing in soil i need to monitor pH levels? Good to know.


Very much so water an or nute intake and runoff that’s also where pH up an down comes in


Air pump

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Risers and saucers or elevated racks (highly recommend racks) to sit the pots on.
A good quality low nutrient starter soil. Either for the germinated seeds in small containers or to use as a buffer if planted directly into the 5 gallon pots.
CalMag calcium magnesium supplement, You will need it at some point with the FF products. Not a knock against FF (I use it) just how it is.
Ph up and down.
Reusable syringes. I like the 10 ml and 20 ml sizes for measuring and dispensing the nutrients.
What auto seeds are you starting with?
Good luck and welcome.


Potting soil, dont plant freshly germinated seeds In to ffof as it may be to hot for them. Transplant into the ffof. I may have missed it but also get some perlite to mix with the FFOF to a volume of about 20/25%.

Oh geez. What’s an air pump?

Any ideas on where I could get some elevated racks? I’m sure I could find something at Home Depot. Just a couple inches off the ground?

I have some jiffy pellets that I was going to germinate in…is that enough of a buffer do you think?

I have ILGM WW, Blueberry and amnesia haze autos. Was planning on growing one of each.

Thanks for commenting - much appreciated!

You think I can just plug them in jiffy pellets to start and then directly into FFOF soil? Or need more of a buffer?

Thanks for perlite suggestion!

I have just read too much info to the opposite. Start in potting soil and transplant into the ffof.

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Got it. Something small…like solo solo cup size?

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Racks - a common arrangement is a couple of 2x4s cut to length, put on there sides with wire shelving (closet maid) laid on top. So home depot is the right spot.
something like this

Blueberry and Amnesia Haze are pretty different plants. At least for me. Blueberry with its 80% indica stayed compact as described.
This is one of three blueberry I grew

Amnesia haze grew quite a bit taller. It is 20/80 indica / sativa
These are 2 of the AH. The door knob is 32"

Blueberry took about two weeks less to grow than AH
Overall I would say BB is easier to grow than AH. AH was a little more sensitive to nutrient overload and ph imbalance
Just incase they grow like mine did I would recommend growing one strain at a time. Light management becomes an issue if their heights are much different.


Mason jars, they’re in short supply. :slight_smile:


Start them in Clear Solo cups and then Nestle the clear into colored ones. This way you can see root grouth and transplant when she is ready. And also dome it.


So you really let them go for a bit in the solo cups huh? No concerns about transplanting an auto seedling?

Haha. I like where your head’s at!


Wow, both those plants look amazing. That’s a good point about growing different strains in same tent…didn’t even cross my mind (noob). Sounds like you think the blueberry might be a good plant to start with? Then maybe try the AH for round 2? Since you’ve obviously grown both, do you think 3 plants in 5 gallon pots in 2x4 makes sense?

Have you grown any white widow autos? That’s my other option.

Thanks again - much appreciated.

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