Grow Room Upgrade

I decided to order a few things and make my life easier and the garden better.

I’m just waiting for the drain trays to arrive so I can start setting up the room. I will add pictures as I go.


Nice should be cool

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Nice! I like the cage waterer thing. How much space are you working with?

The room is 12*12 but I don’t use it all yet. I’ve been running 4 lights but may add more later on and use the entire space.

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The rings are nice I’ve used them outdoor and am thinking of using them indoor


I was having a bad experience using FloraFlexs live customer service chat and ended up calling the company. I just want to say they were great. Definitely call them if you need anything. They helped me out very quickly and better than I expected. I’m more excited now than ever to get this room going.

The room is finally starting to come together.

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