Grow room temperature and humidity

A question from a fellow grower:

I am emailing you to see if you have a schedule for if you start germinating straight from the large bucket so no transfering involved your schedule states after the seedling had a few interlodes but mine won’t in till it grows a bit so do you have one for that ?! Also I have a 600 watt mh on at 50% right now but after I need to turn it up but the temp will go up and it is already at 29 Celsius and humidity only 43% how so no did this problem especially with out Windows around its in a walk in closet with 32x32x62


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Also I need to figure out how to make a cheap but good mister for the 4 seedlings i tried a bucket of water with power head and mister nozzle at end of runs connected to the power head but not enough pressure through the tube any suggestions ?! I don’t have a lot of money either to spend on it so please any help is good ahah my set up is 32x32x62 grow tent in a walk in closet with a inline fan at top exhausting the heat a bit (not much) and also reflector with 600w and running MH light at 50% and will switch to hps after 3 weeks I say and a a fan running towards the grow tent so any sugestions !?!? I’m using promix soil the really airigated soil or how lever you say it hp one I think! My balast is in the top question above mine it’s my question so that is needing an answer as well ahah

A better idea may to buy a humidifier for your tent. Unfortunately, as the temp goes up the air will hold more water and the RH in the tent will drop as the temp rises. Humidifiers are not really expensive when you consider the added amount of product you will add at the end. Good luck on your grow.