Grow room size too big?

Hello everyone, I am brand new here, I have a 16x20 grow room, only plan on three or four plants at a time, is this size ok, or would I be better off with a smaller area in order to control the environment better, thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum @Hotrod98s. This room is most likely too large, but we will need more info.

Where is the room? What are you using for lighting, temperature, and humidity control? How do you plan to grow? Anything else you can add will help us to help you.

I have two 800 watt CMH lights, one 600 watt CMH, temps stay around 78 to say 60, run two charcoal exhaust filters, with constant supply of fresh air. Humidity around 60%. Room is inside a large building. Previously I was using a 6x6 x8 room, but have since moved. The smaller room worked well, but seemed a little cramped.

That’s enough light for an 8x8 foot space. Definitely nowhere near enough light for your room. Can you partition a smaller room inside the one you’ve got? Maybe make a separate veg room so you can do perpetual grow cycles?

couple pictures of previous grow, hope this one turns out as well. Was set up before with separate veg room.