Grow room size for 600w Viperspectra LED

Good Day to All: I’m in the process of revamping my growing area, what size area in sq/ft will provide the best use of my light? Thanks

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No bigger than a 20"x36" tent

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If you have a 3x3, It should work fine for veg. You’ll need way more power for dense flowers.


Thanks… I’ve been growing in a 2x2x8 box I built with no light burn issues, but thought I might go bigger. Glad I asked. Out of curiosity, is there an equation for calculating this, or is it more Kentucky Wind-age?

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Jack, I had flowering issues my last 2 grows( see forum) Your the 1st ever mentioned my light might not be adequate. This is something I need to explore further, as I pissed away the best part of last year on bummer grows, and wouldn’t want a repeat with the up-coming attempt. Please… anyone else monitoring this subject, I’d like your input.

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Many folks use 40 - 50 watts per square foot as a guideline for lighting.
I believe your light consumes about 268 watts if I looked up the correct fixture.

I use a PAR meter to determine how much light is available and to set the height of the lights in my grow rooms rather than wattage per square foot. I shoot for 600+ uMoles/m^2/sec at the SCROG frame level and 850+ at the main canopy level. I don’t believe that there are a whole lot of folks using a PAR meter but I have found it to be very valuable, even at over $300 for the meter.

I don’t know what light levels other successful growers have.
For me, I find that using watts/ft^2 is somewhat useful for estimating how much light to put in a space. The actual light intensity is determined by how much light is emitted and how close the source is to the target. Thus the PAR meter.

I hope this information is helpful.

Note: the numbers that I mention are for flowering


Good advice @OldSmoker from Merlin. The other factor is coverage. A lot of these fixtures simply cannot disperse light as well so footprint is small. Essentially that light is good for one plant. If you use that metric you can see where you need to be with your grow.

Check into the DIY light thread and plan to read for a while. It’s worth doing though and you will be a better grower as a result. Likely poorer too haha.


WOW!! thanks for the insight, I’ll be reading up on it. Maybe someone using my type of light will chime in and share their results. Like any 1st time indoor grower theres a learning curve. I had a 13 hr dark period using only the red spectrum during the flowering period… was that a mistake?

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With that light in a 2x2 you should be getting good results. How many plants in that space and how high was the light during flower. I know that there is someone on here using viparspectra lights with great results

If you were trying to flower with half of the lights turned off, then, yes that was a huge mistake.
During flower especially, you need to have all of the lights on. Personally, I would run all of the lights all of the time.

That would likely go a long way toward explaining your disappointing results.


With just the vegg light on, it should be plenty to vegg out a 2x2 space. Just to save some money

Live and learn I guess. I was single plant, Bruce Banner. After the 1st bummer, I thought it might have been my having both spectrum’s on. The second and by far the sorrier, I used the red only.
the owners manual is rather vague, but says during flowering you can use either both,or the red.

@OldSmoker It sounds like you have one of the dimmable models. That red spectrum is supposed to simulate be autumn sun. The tilt of the earth would give the light rays a longer trip which would shift them in the red spectrum. Therefore your plant thinks it’s fall with a red spectrum (and shorter days). But you’ll want all lights at 100% for flower.

During veg with that light, you would keep the red set lower to make it think it is spring/ full summer. You can get away with running 80%.

On the other hand you can switch to a quantum board for flower!


Hey @OldSmoker… I’m using that very same LED, the Vipraspectra DS600 (dim-able series). and I think it’s working very well so far. It’s in a 2x2x4 tent. And… It’s 4 weeks into flower.!