Grow room question. Improve?

I have a seal room with these set up:
(6) Gavita light 1000 watts
(4) floor fans
(10") outlet with carbon filter running 24hrs
(1) water cooler running when light on
(10") inlet/outlet as needed

When the lights are on and my cooler kick in. Temp can go up to 84-85F with humidity 50%. I use the second 10" as extra outlet then temp will go down to about 80F with humidity ~45% and if I use this one as air intake then temp would stay the same as 84-85F and humidity ~53%. Temp when light/cooler off about 67F and humidity 38%

Question: If I use both to pump air out then it create a little strong vac inside the room. Is there any disadvantage for this or what can be improved?

I don’t use CO2.


Well 84 - 85 really is’t that bad. Anything above that would cause problems. I know cause I been there and done that. And my plants adapted just fine.

B Safe

If I keep 84-85 then I would need heater when light off cause I read somewhere temp should not swing more than 15F.

Question: Little strong vac in the room would do any harm? which meant constantly pull air in from some where…

What I do is turn my heater on outside the tent and turn my vent on it draws warm not hot air in. Just don’t same the heater at the vent.


I also have been running at mostly 84 degrees with the light on. Due to location, that is as cool as I can get it, even with A/C running. (Outdoor temp has been in the low 90’s, with an average 90% humidity.) When the light is off, it stays around 77, or so. My tent humidity stays around 54% or so when the light is on.

I haven’t really experienced any issues. As flowering continues, I may get a dehumidifier; however, temps outdoors are supposed to drop to low 80’s, and in December / January, in the 70’s, so I’m still hoping humidity may drop on its own.