Grow room Noobie

I need advice on how big of a grow box/tent I should have, or should I home-make one?
I plan on planting 6-7 plants, I’m wanting a big enough space where i can have Clone/seedling next to a veg/flower space. But of course with a wall dividing them. Any ideas would be helpful!

What size is your grow room? You can make a grow tent or box. What’s your budget? The options are endless. Give as much info as you can.

I can measure it first thing tomorrow morning. But it is a pretty small closest space, with a high ceiling,I say 8-9ft in budget is around $100-200 for any building supplies, or Will I need more?
&I plan on growing blue dream & blue mystic.
Also, going to try Lst technique with topping, to increase yield.

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White/black poly is great for making rooms and is far less expensive that tents,ect- simple and good reflection


Do yall know what good techniques I should do to increase yields?

Yes - comes down to size of container (5-10 gallon) a good soil and lighting and nutrients. which do you need help on?
(strain’s ARE very impotrant also)

Will a 15gallon work better or a 10 gallon?
& I plan on mixing my own soil (subcools)
What would be a good lighting for 6-7plants,but I’m wanting to start with 2. Then later grow more.
The Strains I will be growing are blue dream and blue mystic.

I picked up a 5’ x 5’ tent on Amazon. Quality is better than expected for $138. Easier than building but that can be fun too.

Oops, old thread…

IN process buying equipment for an Indoor Grow. The tent is 60"x60"x80". Is one 1200w LED going to provide adequate light ?

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@Jesse7 Maybe but you’d be better off with 2 smaller ones to spread out the light more. Just my $.02.

You’ll have a big intense spot in the middle that will fade as it moves outwards. 2 helps eliminate that.

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And welcome to ILGM! You came to the right place my friend :slight_smile:

Thank you Matthew, This indoor process is a very different game indeed. I always considered myself a “Good Grower” but I’m in elementary school again.!

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Just stay here and read the posts and you’ll have it together in no time. I hadn’t grown in 25 years so I understand it seems like a lot but it’s not so bad.

PH your water and give the rights lights and your 1/2 way there. :slight_smile:

And no question is a bad one. Anything you’re unsure on, we’ll help answer it.

Have you experience with Hydro vs Soil growing ? Does Hydroponic lower THC levels. Always grown outdoors in soil. Thinking about trying Hydroponics. Thoughts ?

It does the opposite if done correctly and is far simpler than you would expect. Growth rates are faster once plants roots are established and in flower is where it truly shines since plants are fed constantly

I grow in both hydro DWC and soil, mothers are kept in soil for ease of movement and reduced nutrient expense and upkeep they’d need to be pruned weekly in hydro but in soil they can be left for several weeks fed lightly less root stress I have had my 2 mothers now since Nov they have given me around 20 clones each which I grow in hydro using very simple home made DWC units. Net pots tote box, air stones and pump nothing flashy res changes every 2 weeks in veg 10 days in flower ph kept around 5.8 and top off done as needed. I find I use less nutes plants grow faster since I have complete control of root zone ph stays pretty stable since I use large res. If for example I were growing 5 plants in soil 5 gal I would use 10 gal of water every 3-4 days factor in feedings I’d make around 20 gallons of mixed nutes every 2 weeks I grow those same five plants in weaker nutrient solution 12 Gall for 2 weeks between changes with faster growth rates and more control as to exactly what they get but just imo :wink:

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Outstanding !! Since I love the pursuit of perfection in detail to begin with , DWC hydro should be fun ?
Your input is much appreciated Donaldj. !!