Grow room modifications coming -- 2 questions

My current grow project will conclude in about 3 weeks to a month or so. It will likely be a while before I start another run. During the downtime I’m going to work on a couple modifications. So;

1). My current intake and exhaust fans do not utilize any carbon filtration. This is fine during the day as my exhaust fan sends grow room air into my rather large attic. However, when the timer shuts everything off and the inside air cools, terpenoid infused air wafts out of the intake tube. Last night I forgot to close the door to room where the grow room is and I woke up to a good amount of cannabis ‘cologne’ all over the house (from only two plants). I don’t want to run the outtake fan 24/7 for fear that it will shorten the life of the fan. I did hear of an interesting solution and wondered if any ILGM forum members do this: Get an inline fan with a carbon filter and run it inside the room, essentially recycling the air in the room through the carbon filter. Anybody know if this idea works? It’s an easy experiment to find out I guess…

2). Shorter question to the above rambling. What experiences do some of you folks have with light proofing a regular closet door? My current solution works but it’s crude and draws attention to the door. I’d like it to look like it’s a regular closet, not a grow closet.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I essential recycle the air in my grow room thru a carbon scrubber and it works fine. I have 4 plants and can’t smell them yet. I’ll know more when they flower.

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Thanks @Familyman, I think I’m going to give that solution a try. I should mention though, when I grew White Widow and Blueberry I did not have any aroma issues with my set up the way it is now. Now with OG Kush and Strawberry Kush in full flower? Let’s just say, “something’s stinky in Stinkytown” (the good kind of stink of course). Please provide an update with what plants you are growing when they’re in flower and if the in room scrubber still masks things. Thanks.

Will do. I’ve got about another 3 weeks of veg. They are Northern lights

Gotta transplant to 5 gallon bags next week. I can’t smell them but my wife has a hound nose and says they are skunky when walking into the basement. I’m using the ipower 4” carbon scrubber. Rated at 190 cfm. I started in a 2x4 tent but now I’m growing in the 11x11 concrete cellar room under my porch. It’s called the Weed Dungeon.

You can light proof a door a few ways. Easiest probably to mount some firring strips to wall behind door in a way that they cover seams. If that doesn’t work alone, you can add weatherstripping.

I didn’t have to do anything to the doorjamb itself. I think @Donaldj put it “light doesn’t bend around corners.” The threshold is a different story. I just taped a cardboard “sill” just on the inside. The gap under the door is used for intake air. I have a fan blowing air out a 4" duct through a pretty crudely cut hole in the door, though, so I can’t help you on the stealth part :joy:

You could also buy a door sweep for the bottom of the door.


Foam Weather stripping would work too and it’s cheap and discreet n

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I may have found a solution. Blackout blinds might do the trick. These are not the kind of blinds where the individual slats can be opened or closed, rather an enclosed honeycomb structure that expands when the blinds are lowered and collapses when the blinds are raised. They come with a white exterior and black interior. If I can find the right dimensions they could fit on the inside of the door jam or be attached to the inside door frame. Some have a cordless raise and lower mechanism. Or blackout roller shades might work if the blinds are too expensive.

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