Grow room layout advice

I gutted my basement for some upcoming home improvements. I’ve also been allotted, by the boss, a nice area to build a grow room.

Right now it’s a blank slate.

I’ll have an area 6x10 - 7x11. I’ll be able to frame the area out, run duct work, and electrical up to 220v. I will not have a drain or water.

My initial thought was to install a pocket door to separate a Veg and flower area, but by biggest worry is light leaks.

Then I thought, I could run nothing but autos. But I like photos too. So that’s not an option.

So, I’d like input from the masses. If you had that kind of space, what would you do?

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Are you limited to just that space? Like building it out as a flowering space and then vegging in a tent is/isn’t an option?


I probably could, but my wife wants her closets back.

My first thought was make an area to Veg, then a pocket door to open up to the flower area.

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Maybe I could fix some sort of gasket around the door to prevent light leaks…


Maybe more fancy than you need to do. I would install whatever you need to as maybe a second door accessible from outside of the room. Then no worries about light leaks to flower room. And your veg area doesn’t necessarily need to be light tight anyway.


That’s an idea… two doors. :man_facepalming:

This is fun problem to have.


I mean what are you trying to make ? What’s your goal and size ?

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My goal is to have 6-8 plants in flower with plenty of room. And 3-4 plants in Veg for a continuous grow.

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I think whether you do pocket door, bifold, or standard door, it’s probably best way to go.

Sounds like you could make pretty small veg space and shelf it so it has basically upper and lower grow area. 2’ deep and maybe 3’-4’ wide on 7’ wall would give you room to put another door.


There’s a good idea, Veg area with shelves. I like it.


First locate the spot , near water supply or drainage yes please , duct and electrical supply, you need a flat wall and make a 2x4 next to it a 4x4


Definitely separate doors, definitely tiered veg areas will save some space, as well as give you the proper light height to keep stretch down.


Run photos on a cycle and add autos to fill out your lapses

2x4 for veg and rest for flower.

You’d need to finish the ceiling, add a few walls and put in a door


U going to grow autos, n photos, no clones? Pick a light for cracking, n build ur space for that light. I got a sf2000 with adjustable lighting, n ratchets for propagation the light is perfect for the 2’X21/2’ space I built for that procedure. Adjust ur light n height as needed. It’s n the same area as my veggy space separated with Mylar curtain. That left me with aprox. 4X4 for veggin I found for quality control purposes 3 r 4 plants veggin, wasn’t even close for my needs. Now I’m talking continuous grow here. So I needed a 17" to 19" plant to replace the harvested one every 10 days, to allow 10 weeks for flower. Pulling a plant a week. Easier said than done. So get ur light to fill that space, whatever light u choose to use, LED probably. My door is n the front, so when I open, cracking on the left, vegging on the right, both set on same light cycle. My flower space is next to veggy, separated by a set of stairs, u build a wall to separate the areas, with a door n front. Two separate rooms easily vented, well lit, n easy to clean. With my state legalizing medical grow, I’ve made some changes to b legal, but we’re just spit balling here. Good luck I hope everything works out for u my friend…:alien:

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Room layout is exactly what I was thinking. Only instead of autos I would cycle plants into flower room from veg space. Any time you can spread out work load is usually a bonus. If you can take half the room every 4-5 weeks or even a single plant every week or two isn’t as overwhelming as having to drop a whole room at once. Just my perspective as a guy working 60 hours a week and having to come home and change diapers lol.


This is my current grow space. I was playing around with an existing storage closet to convert it to additional grow space. I am retaining this closet and expanding elsewhere. I am giving the layout so you can relate it to the space I converted to vegging / seed starting etc. I decreased the number of floor cabinets and moved them to obtain a 36" wide area

The simple veg space started like this

I upgraded the light and took out a shelve

I had to take out another shelve because I needed the additional height until I figure out where the plant in the 5 gallon SIP bucket is going. I added some mylar which I will retain when I put a shelve(s) back

The light is suspended from a wall cabinet set at 51"

Because I use a tent, I do not need to be concerned with the veg light. In your case, being able to have the 2x4 area described by @PharmerBob open to the basement, would simplify things and give you the most flexibility for the flower area.
I have to put pencil to paper to lay things out to see how it works together.
Good luck with the project.


Use a wire rack for the 2x4 area and veg under t8 bulbs kinda like this

Was the cheapest way I could figure out how to get the most out of the vertical space for veg


I used crown molding to create a case around the gap of the door sides and top ,then used a pool noodle for the bottom

Then caulked the crown to fill gaps where crown didn’t join well

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I’d consider prioritizing cold water (hot wouldn’t hurt) and a drain. Maybe you have a slop-sink somewhere else, but those are really convenient. If you’re far from a waste line, you can look at macerating sumps, or just use a less-expensive condensate pump cautiously. I just know that, for me and my back, having water wherever I need it instead of carrying it is huge.

I’ll be watching this, and I’m happy to help you detail it out.


R/o line in to a reservoir is awesome to have!

Here the crown door/ pool noodle setup

Crown is on inside casing of door frame and mounts flush with door, this creates another barrier for light to have to escape.

Now I have to be honest I don’t allow anyone in the area during lights off and I’ve taken out the ability for the family to turn on switches that would cause issues