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So I am getting the bug again to get another tent. I’m having height issues with my LEDs being to powerful. I currently have a 24”x48”x60” and (2) 270actual watt COB LED. The square footage is perfect, but the height is a bust. Looks like this is just a veg tent from now on, a flowering tent is needed! :roll_eyes:

So I have a 6” variable speed fan and filter combo as an exhaust. It maintains perfect temps. The intake is currently just the side ports opened up. I’m looking at a 48”x48”x80” now to use for flowering. My lights would be proper height as well. So I would buy another 6” fan filter combo, and a 4” fan filter combo for intake for the new flower tent. Then I would need to get a smaller veg light for the now called “observation tent/veg tent”. That would make the setup proper, right? :+1::thinking::rocket:


Join the 2 tents with some ducting draw half of ur fresh air through the veg tent and into ur flower tent so u can get away with 1 fan and filter make the ducting the shape of a s to stop any light leaks between the 2 tents hope this helps


I like that idea! Thanks! @Saffa

@Saffa now you got me ticking skewing up drawings of vent setups and what not. Maybe a divider wall too?

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Algood @AmnesiaHaze

A devider wall in the bigger flower tent for a 3 light rotation?

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And the light swap would be good too. More light for flower and plants need less in veg.

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I think youd be better off with separate fans and filters my self
In my professional opinion it willbe hard for you to dail both yents in exactly where you want them if ducted together
If its a $ issue then i will say you can do it just wont be as efficient if you had separate set ups
And you only uave about 100 sq feet in new tent just over that actually
So a exhaust fan running at 100cfm would exchange the air 1 every min :+1:
Over sizing exhaust and intake fans is as big a problem as undersizing them


I just got a 5x5x86 to serve as my flower tent. I personally plan to give it all it’s own ventilation. Just a personal preference.


I run the 2 fans 1 filter I recirculate the veg room into my flower room it helps keep the temp up during winter so the lights help each other out im not a professional at all im relatively new just somthing i done to save me paying $400 for a fan/filter combo



Well then


@AmnesiaHaze Woooohooo! New tents and stuff are exciting. I’m happy for you. What’s the iPhone thing?

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They are EMF radiation stickers! They are on amazon 6 pack for 9.99$ and they show a picture of an EMF radiation detector from before and after the sticker, and it actually works! It’s real nanotechnology

New tent 48x48x80 :+1: I also got another fan and filter, and a few other things I’ll need eventually