Grow room for my first plant

Hi there,
With small budget i made the below grow room, this room and setup will be for 3-4 plants only and initially i will start with 2 plants only so is LED 150watt enough ? if my grow become successful i will buy the full setup. Please advise and comment.

really good led here one or two would due

is the hight of the light ok?

I haven’t had any problems yet you can check my grow first real grow is the title

If you use a 150 lamp only; You should have a healthy grow, but temper your expectations for yield and bud density. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, as you see i’m using a normal kitchen exhaust fan for filtration, is’t enough and fine for 3-4 plants?

Keep your lights about 12- 18 inches during veg , and as they stretch raise them higher .