Grow Room Diversification

Hey there growers!
So I have a 2.4x1.2x2m (8ftx4ftx6.5ft) grow room and im looking for a diverse sort of set up ie. sativa, indica, lemony tastes, skunky tastes, earthy tastes for my next grow.

Ive got a bit of money to buy some ilgm seeds which im looking forward to however I will shop around if i have too.

Im a super newbie am confident i have a good envionment and am about 3 weeks away from harvesting my first crop (rough seeds from friends and a superbud strain)

The new tent (2.4x1.2x2 tent) is new though how many plants can i fit into it do you guys think? and also what strains are funky and different, im after a nice diverse tent

I have another 1.4mx.8x2 (5x3x6ft) tent which i can flower in.

Would love yorlis thoughts on strains that will give amazing flavours over strong highs and something different!

Heres a pic of the current tent set up… well part of it



I’m pretty new here doing my first grow and I did some shopping around for seeds and ILGM seemed to have the best prices and they definitely have the seeds you want they have combo packs with the fruity flavors and all that good stuff

Yeah mate I like the Girl Scout Baked pack they offer so gonna go that, I really wanna do one of those dark bud plants.

Yeah I love those dark colored strains I think i might get the berry mix pack after I get a few under my belt you think you are going to have a grow journal going in here?

Logging on to do one each time isn’t reeeeally what I think I’ll do however I’m tracking everything for my seeds I just sprouted I get soooo impatient haha

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I should explore the grow journals on the website though!

That seems to be the norm lol…welcome to ilgm and good luck growing our plant :smile:

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Some posted a picture of their bloody skunk. It was beautiful. I want to grow it just bc of the colors it put off. Welcome to the community and good luck. Newest I have tried and really enjoyed the sweet taste was Gelato. Def on my list to get.