Grow room design any flaws?

Hey everyone im trying to design a new grow room it will be 6mx2m by 2.4m high planning on 3 4x4 tents with a seperate mother/clone and drying area Il upload a pic would appreciate any feed back or possible issues i could run into. Possible yield? I know theres heaps of veribles . This is going to be a 3 light rotation grow 4 weeks apart (3 week veg 8 week flower 1 week dry) thanx in advance image


@Donaldj @latewood what do u guys think?

I think if it were me, I would close off the veg and clone areas and leave the large space open for flowering. That way you would get some overlay in your lighting. But I would probably run led too, so we would already be planning in different directions.

As far as yeild, you’re right. Too many variables to guess. Experienced growers claim a gram per watt on 600’s with right strain and methods. But I’ve also seen very good growers struggle to get .5 per watt.


Im planning on veging in the 4x4 tents i need them in tents so that the different light cycles don’t interfere with one another. Id love to run 3 black diamond perfect sun goliaths but it would cost a fortune to get them to me. @dbrn32

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@yoshi. Whats ur views on this setup anything u would change?

3 plants would be best in my opinion

How long would i have to veg for? @yoshi

Sorry, just seen that you tagged me. I haven’t seen one of them in person, but the advertising seems somewhat infalated for that price. If I were spending that kind of money I would probably opt for 6-9 cob type of fixture.

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@dbrn32 ive got a 9 cob fixture that im trying out at the moment not sure how it will perform so far so good ive got a scrog with 60+ heads through it in about a 3x3 il post a pic soon

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imageimageimage @dbrn32


Your girls are looking great and really healthy. Have you thought about defoliating some of the big fan leaves to get more light to the bottom of the beautiful lady? My opinion it will help fatten up your buds and the lady will regrow leaves to replace them just a thought from me

@Onlythebest79 u read my mind il have a poke around in there later today. And do some clearing :ok_hand:

Put more air holes in your pot or raise your fan to the plant canopy !

That fan is blowing up through the canopy

Okay that’s great but the more oxygen to the plants roots , the heavier your buds . Air pots and smart pots greatest success is due to the roots getting more oxygen so the plant can release more water vapors from the stomata and grow more vigorously . But your plant looks great , next time aim to fill the whole screen out which would require you to veg longer but the end results would be a greater reward in bud weight .

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Swt thanx @yoshi il drill some holes in the pot when i get home i didnt fill the screen because the led didnt look very bright outside of that size

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Add you some side lighting 2 CFL grow lights would be perfect , 125 Cfl grow light or 250 Cfl grow light would help or even a couple of cheap 200 watt Led lights would work , you can even use led light strips nailed around the trim of the scrog screen , I’ve seen them put around the rim of grow pots with good success but it’s added light .

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