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@MidwestGuy, @MrPeat; @Covertgrower, @dbrn32, @Bulldognuts; @Drinkslinger… And anybody else I may have forgotten… I hope I find everybody healthy and in fine spirits. Thought I’d put an update on what I’ve been Doing. I want to build a cabinet that I could make the top half for vegging in the bottom half for starting seeds and clones. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how I wanted to do it for a while. Then I looked at this old kitchen cabinet that I was getting ready to throw away and the light came on!!!

So then I proceeded to pull the shelves out of the two bottom cabinets then I got A canna spray adhesive and sprayed the inside of the cabinet and then got heavy aluminum foil and stuck it to the walls of the cabinet shiny side out. I’m keeping the drawers in the center for storage I’m hoping once again to get a little assistance from @dbrn32 The question for you would be what size LED strip under 2 foot long with what driver would I use for the small veg Area in the bottom cabinet .I am planning on attaching them to the bottom of the drawers that are above the two lower cabinet areas for cloning and starting seeds.In the upper Vegging cabinet you can see the light that @dbrn32 gave me a strong assist with thank you very much… I wound up with a smaller footprint than I originally thought I was but the light is working perfectly… I put a 6 inch exhaust fan on the upper cabinet then I cut two holes 3 1/2 diameter each with a holesaw in the top back corners of the bottom cabinet. So the air comes through the cutting board slot goes to the back enters the two side boxes and then up through the upper cabinet and out the top. Now to the auto flower ladies that I got going I soaked the seeds on February 6 so my guesstimate is there probably in later part of second week of bloomer early part of the third week of bloom anyways being autos I’m not sure so here’s some pics


Looking damn good…:+1:


That’s good stuff. Are you going to leave the cabinet open? You’ll have to isolate it from your flowering girls somehow because of the difference in light cycles. Have you thought about how you are going to manage heat if it is enclosed?

Pretty stellar other than that, and you may be a few steps ahead of me.

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I got a mini split in that room that’ll keep the room at whatever temperature I want .in the cabinet I have a 6 inch exhaust fan I’m adjusting the speed of the fan to get the temperature of the cabinet when the lights are on up to around 80 so I if I have my flower room set at 75 It will never get any cooler than 75 in the cabinet but I can adjust the speed of the fan to Increase the heat inside the cabinet a little bit more than the ambient temperature of the outside room. So far so good. (If it doesn’t work I’ll put in an AC infinity cloud line with programmer )If you look in the pictures there’s upper cabinet doors and I light proofed them by putting moldings inside and outside of the door and I painted all those moldings flat black I also put two elbows on the exhaust fan and paint the inside of them flat black so no light can get out through the fan. when it’s lights out in there it’s totally black.


That’s awesome.

If I had a bigger place I’d build a room out like you have. It’s incredible.

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The 560mm strips are 22" long. Will that work? If so, then I just need size of space we’re going to light. Like a standard 10x20" tray?

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The floor space inside the bottom of that cabinet is 24 inches deep and 17 1/2 inches wide on each side the cabinet. The door opening is only 16 inches wide so I can only fit one 10 x 20 tray inside the cabinet .where I want to mount the strip is 22 inches Above the Bottom of the cabinet. I want one strip and one driver for each side then I can just put a switch on each one and run individual as needed.

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@MidwestGuy Thanks!!! I got nothing else to do so when the weather gets real hot I’m going to seal it up and try CO2 stay tuned exciting things coming hopefully.


Limited amount of strips that will do what you’re asking with just one strip. Doing one driver per side isn’t a problem, but can you do multiple strips per driver?

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No limit whatever it takes let’s have fun :zipper_mouth_face:. LOL no worries. I only like to do things once. I don’t understand all the numbers yet.So if you would tell me how many strips I need how far apart I should space them what driver get I will build it and we will discover as a group how well it works!This is going to be use for starting clones and seed propagation.


Excellent job. :+1:

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Are you going to mount the strips to aluminum then to the drawer, or were you thinking directly to the drawer?

I don’t know how much heat they’re going to produces so if I Attach them directly to the drawer no heat sink if you think it’s going to produce too much heat I certainly don’t want a fire so I will build a similar heat sink to the one I did for the upper cabinet…I might have to build it at a angle instead of channel because I don’t know if I can get channel right now I think everything is closed. But it should work fine!

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I think they would be better on aluminum for sure. Even if it’s just some flat stock or plate. We can pick output current of driver so just wondering what you’re thinking here.

I already have tape and all the stuff to build this as far as the heat sink is concerned so what exactly do you think I need as far as strips.I’m just gonna use these two small areas for starting clones and starting seeds. I can use this to start flowers and vegetables and all kinds of stuff. I have no intent on flowering anything in this cabinet upper or lower. From all I’ve been reading it doesn’t seem as though you need very much wattage for that purpose.That being said on another Note is there some sort of other strip that I could add to my top light to perhaps add some more blue spectrum for veg?

You could do 2 bridgelux 560mm strips on plm-40-700 driver for each fixture. If you’re worried about heat, go to 3 strips each and plm-40-500.

I’m trying to figure out which strips would be best ,can’t find many choices In bridgelux. What about Samsung ,I found a strip it’s 5000 K model number is SI-B8R113560WW

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For what you’re doing the bridgelux strips would be plenty good and they are cheaper. 5000k is what used, I can get you part number if you’d like?

That be great if you could get me that number, I’ve been trying for two days I don’t know where else to look for it.

Here’s the number for eb gen 2

If you can’t find any of those try eb gen 3