Grow room build

You’ll need a bigger light if you want to flower with it, or two of them, and would maybe want to go with a warmer cct.

I found a BXEB - L11202 - 50E4000 - C-B3 Is this the strip you were talking about?The number you gave me with C3 at the end I just want to make sure I order the right thing.

The number I gave you was gen 3, the number you found was gen 2. They will work, but newer strip has a little better performance specs.

Well I’ve been working on the room a little bit this last week got it mostly sealed up got the exhaust done still working on a filter for the intake. I got seven girls starting to takeoff. My first try here I’m going to do auto flower in soil I have 2-AK 47 auto 2-amnesia haze auto and 3-white widow CBD auto. I put them in pots three days ago the soil I used is mother earth groundswell. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on a lot of different threads tons of information. It’s a little overwhelming! So I’m going to put it out there I understand the pH I understand what pH the plant needs to pick up the nutrients. What I don’t understand is pretty much everything else. There’s a lot of numbers flying around out there Besides PH. you have Conductivity TDS or ppm and PPT you have before watering after watering. I’m not worried about The numbers before watering except PH at this point because the soil should have enough nutrients for several weeks. But by watching those numbers I should get a good indication of when to start feeding.What I don’t know is what those numbers should be to start with and I don’t know what the numbers should be to start adding nutrients. Do I start adding silica now? Do I start adding Cal mag now?.. On another note I have all the parts ordered for my veg light build thanks for the help with that @dbrn32 I will send pictures when I’m done. As far as the CO2 is concerned I’m going to step back. Definitely going to be a humidity issue. I definitely need to figure out how to deal with that before Even thinking about investing money into CO2


Ppm, tds, and ec are all basically measuring the purity of your water. Something like reverse osmosis water will have very little to nothing in it. Well water may have a lot of minerals in it, depending on where it’s from and what if any treatment it has. Sometimes these minerals can help or hurt you, so you want to be aware of where you’re starting at. If you add nutrients to your water amount of minerals in the water will go up. It’s good to know where your plain watering starts so if you dump it through pot you can collect runoff and compare the runoff to what you started with.

There isn’t really a magic number on exactly where you should be. Some plants or spaces will require different nutrient demands. Sometimes the makeup of your nutrient solution will be different and that could require higher or lower overall concentration. The schedule for nutrients you plan on using should have some basic guidelines, I would look for it and start there. Imo most of them are aggressive, and the average member on here will have good luck with at least slightly reduced concentration for hand feeding.

Thank you. @dbrn32. I think I’m just gonna wind up doing what I did last year with my outdoor. It really did turn out incredible other than a few issues little hard on nutrients once And constant battle with mites. But I had plants that got 9 foot tall and ended up with weight in the low teens It’s a little bit too much all at once. That’s why I decided to do a perpetual garden.I think this way I can get more variety with less volume and have just as much fun.



Well here’s some photos of the girls eight days after the last photos


image image

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Don’t know what happened there LOL


Looks great! Nice room you’ve built there.

Thanks @MidwestGuy… I just built a light…after talking to @dbrn32 I built this

i’m going to build a cabinet this week for vegging cloning and starting seeds there will be more pictures this week🙂


Done like a pro. I’d do it too if I had the room.


I’m going to have fun with it… right now I’m experimenting with pots ! I’m really excited to try cloning also . I don’t know how it’s going to go first round because these are all autos. I read some threads about it but we’ll see.Knowledge is never gained without failure . Sounds like cloning autos will not be the easiest way to try it starting out. But we’re going to give it a shot


Looks great! Hopefully will do everything you need it to.

If it doesn’t work the way I hope I’ll rip the strips off cut it in half buy new strips and one more driver and make two lights. I’m doing a bunch of reading on this forum and it seems I may have made a small error in my light build…After reading journals from the more experienced growers it appears that it is beneficial to have two separate lights in my vedg area…With a perpetual grow which is what I am planning on doing there will be plants of different stages of growth height in my vedg cabinet. It seems as though having your lights at different heights is an advantage in several different ways. From what I can gather you can run your lights closer to your plants and run the power a little bit lower. Everything I see and everything I’m experiencing tells me The biggest Single cost is heat mitigation. Lower the power lower the heat lower the cost…!

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Here it is @Bulldognuts

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Thank you Sir.

Here are some current pictures of my autos haven’t been following them much on this thread and I don’t have a grow journal for them.!

these are my white widow auto’s And the other 4… two of them or amnesia haze and two of them are AK 47