Grow room build

If it were me, I’d experiment between 73-82 leaf-surface temperature.

Back to your original post, if that shed is passively ventilated at the eave and ridge, in addition to being as leaky as outdoor sheds tend to be, you don’t want to waste money on CO2 enrichment. Now, if you decide to really seal that space up, CO2 enrichment is essential.

Is this shed on gravel, or a slab?


Im currently building a grow room in my basement. Its 9’x11’. The flowering area is 7’x9’, Ill be flowering in a perpetual grow with a harvest about every 5 weeks.
The seedling, veg area is 4’x9’.
6” hyperfan for the flower room, 4” ipower fan for the veg.

I wouldnt even bother with co2 until youve got everything dialed in.

Im not sure if you mentioned it, but how many plants do you expect to flower at a time?

I would probably just grab some 1120mm strips in like 4000k or 5000k and throw something together. Would be more ideal than doing same with smaller fixture, I think.

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I’m going to start out with six

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I should have it completely sealed buy this coming weekend except of course the door which Poses another problem that I will figure out. I have an 8 inch fan with filter on exhaust in the room gonna put a similar intake filter. My plan is to change out the air in the room once a day at lights out. I am told indoor grows get a big spike In humidity at lights out.I was thinking about starting my exhaust fan about five minutes before lights out to get airflow moving and let it continue to 15 minutes after lights out. I’m thinking about using CO2 just to enhance the quality and waste in a little bit every day.I don’t know illjust listen to all the suggestions and go for it. I’ll try to snap a picture and shoot it out there.

well I took a picture and I thought I was uploading it but all I got was numbers🤪Sorry I’m not very tech savvy if it wasn’t for talk to text this would not be happening LOL


Well I guess the numbers turn to a picture when you send it perfect

Youll want to change out the air more than once per day. Cannabis likes lots of fresh air.

I have my exhaust fans hooked up to temp and humidity controllers. Too hot, fan starts running. Too humid, fan starts running. They seem to cycle back and forth every 5-10 min.

Where exactly would I look to fill my shopping list. I believe I can build heat sink easy enough. But as far as the driver and the strips Any suggestions on the best place or places to shop?Also it would seem like there would be a bunch of math I would need to know … how many strips or watts for what driver.I would imagine there would be a formula for that.

Wouldn’t that defeat the point of having heat and AC?

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Thats the catch. The plants need fresh air, but youre trying to keep temps and humidity in check. I use my basement as the lung room. Fresh conditioned air that gets sucked into the grow room.


Arrow and digikey are probably what I use the most. If you swing by led gardener web page there is a lot of examples of strip builds. Once you have a pretty good idea I can help make sure you get the correct components.

I’m kind of stuck with the shed don’t have a spare bedroom in the house and I want to dedicate to this and I live in central California where sometimes it gets to 110° during the day in the summer and sometimes it’s freezing all day in the winter. The outdoor grow I did last year I was fighting with mites All summer. That’s the whole reason I’m doing this total environmental control. Besides I’m having a BLAST…!!! Also I’m in a good position having the time and the money to spend on it. But that does not mean that I want to waste time and money. I am very much enjoying this Forum and learning a lot. It’s actually pretty great do you have the same passion as other people all over the world and be able to communicate that passion🙂.


Awesome thank you @dbrn32 I will be working on it tonight . Do you think it would be OK if I welded together aluminum strap channel or angle to use as a heat sink?And also what’s the name of that tape that you use to put the strips on the heat sink?

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Thermal adhesive tape. Available in multiple widths.

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Depends on exact strip you used and how you power it. The bridgelux eb strips at something like 700ma or so would be fine on angle or bar stock. Something like double row f-series from Samsung at 2100ma you would definitely want more cooling surface area. One would be about a 30 watt strip and the other about a 100 watt strips.

I thought when you have an enclosed room the air was too fresh. The plants convert CO2 to oxygen so your room gets oxygenated in the plants run out of the CO2 which they eat. That’s why I want to run the CO2. The reason I have the exhaust fan is to reduce the humidity at lights out. Also just to change out the Air in the room room once a day.From the information that I’ve read the when the plants go to sleepThey don’t need CO2. So why not chuck it and start fresh every day. We’ll see how it goes if it turns out to be a huge waste of money I’ll change the plan!

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I think I’m gonna go with 3’ x 4’ maybe 5 foot for my veg area.I have no clue what I’m going to need how far to space it which strips to use which driver to use. What I do know is that I overbilled everything so that being said any suggestion on exactly what I should build as per wattage of strips spacing of strips Which driver to use etc. Went to that site you suggested and read some blogs and got a little confused about only using 70% of the driver and such. Would you set the power of your driver and just forget it Just use your height to determine how hot your plants are getting. I just don’t know. The more questions I have more answers I get the more questions I have!

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I would just build the light to what you need and then use dimmer if there was ever a reason to run less. For a 3x5 (15 ft²) I would probably build something on hlg-240 driver to veg that space. The exact part number will vary with the model of strip used.

Something like bridgelux eb gen3 (BXEB-L1120Z-50E4000-C-C3) is 44" 5000k strip. One hlg-240h-c1050a will run 6 of those strips.

If that was the light you built and space you have, I would probably space strips something like 3" apart.

I would rather go with like the Samsung strips and a bigger driver and then figure out what I Gotta do to put it together with proper heat sink BUT if it’s going to still cost me anywhere near 400 $450 I might as well buy an HLG. Unless I can build something that would give me perfect coverage for that space that I could turn up and use for bloom if I needed to. I know what I want I just don’t Know what parts to use and where to get them. I checked out Arrow and Digikey… A lot of numbers there that I don’t understand. I’m going on a video mission spend a few hours learn more. Thanks For all the help @dbrn32

After further review digging deeper into what you were telling me I can build that light for under $200 all in that seems pretty inexpensive for a good covering veg light Going to check it out a little further tomorrow and probably order parts if I do when I’m done building it I’ll shoot you some pictures thanks again