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Hello everybody. I grew last year outdoor for the first time and was very successful. But I believe I would like it better if I had control over the entire environment so here goes. I have an 8 x 12 shed insulated I put in a split unit climate control unit 9000 BTU I have 2-HLG 600 H V2 R speck and a acinfinity 8 inch exhaust fan. I will be putting in CO2 as soon as I figure it out. I will be building a cabinet for vegging in this room but that’s for the next round. Any suggestions on the layout?


4x4 for flower, 3x3 for veg, and 2x2 for starting out. All suggestions. I’m revamping my space for a 2in1 tent, to feed the 4x4 tent.
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if it’s OK I’m just gonna reply to the thread as a whole because I don’t know how to do the tagging stuff. With that said I’m planning on making 4 to5 foot deep by 8 foot wide Flower area in the back of the room. All the walls and ceiling of the room are reflective. Then I’m going to buy another light and build a large cabinet on one side for vegging this way I can have a perpetual crop. At least that’s the plan LOL. I have a few auto flower started. Going to build off that. And by the way thank you for the welcome


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I just build my setup in a spare bedroom several months ago. I got a 5x5 for flowering and a 4x4 for veg. It’s honestly overkill for enough for personal use, even if you include things like making hash and edibles.

It sure is a lot of fun to grow though.

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I’ve always gone to big on things. It appears I’m going to do it again. I like to have redundant systems in case something fails. I’m really good at overthinking Things.

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at least you have a plan!

Build what you are comfortable with and can afford. The overkill isn’t so bad. It does give you options. You can raise more strains this way, for instance.


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4x4 or 5x5 are more common, and easier to get a light to fit the area.
The flowering tent will be the choke point of the perpetual. You want the flowering area at least twice the size of the veg area.


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When you say Split Climate Control, do you mean a ductless mini split with both heat and AC?


Yes it’s a mini split

With both heating and cooling?

How diligent were you with the insulation process?

It was very simple it’s. You need to flaring tool and just your standard handtools. Unit was fully charged ready to go. I did go the extra mile and have someone come and evacuate line before releasing the charge through the system. Some people under comments from the person or company I bought it from did it without evacuating and had no problems. I just like to start out the right way.I don’t want any problems so I just spent a few bucks get it evacuated. It really works good on automatic because it switches from heat to cool by itself so if you have warm days and cool nights it maintains your temperature. You wouldn’t by any chance have any idea what the average temperature should be for my little girls?I just been keeping it about 70 in there so far. I’m just getting going here got a lot more topics to read about from you guys.

You can flower that with the lights you have.

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if you @dbrn32 had a veg tent or cabinet about 3‘ x ‘5 foot which would you use an HLG 320 XL V2 R spec or the HLG 260. Or is there something out there thats better In the same price range? That’s about the amount of space I have to dedicate to a area for veg in the room. Still trying to figure it all out.

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