Grow room 10x10 in basement


So, I’m thinking of turning this creepy room into my grow room. The whole BDSM dungeon isn’t working out lol It is currently where I have my tent and was thinking of just painting it all white and going in. Temp stays about 72-77 and rh is 65%. Give me your thoughts. It’s in my basement and anyone familiar with old houses call it a cold room.


I’ll get some better pics later too.


That should work fine as long as you get ventilation and control your temperature and humidity. I’m using a bedroom 13x13


Already have a carbon scrubber and dehumidifier for when flowering.


Perfect. Proper ventilation (unless your gonna run a closed sytem) and a way to maintain temps and humidity. Some white paint and filler up.


I’m sayin “mask off” and going to do that. Grow big or go home lol.


Do it! Do it!


Im with betty…



Funny thing is, is that I don’t even smoke pot. Just doing it to do it because I’m bored lol


I need a neighbor like you!


Bahahahha. Well I could say the same. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the smell coming from my basement.


Mind it? Id volunteer u vent it in my yards direction. :joy::joy:


Luckily my neighbor smokes but I don’t know if I want to share my stash lol


I wasnt trying to say you couldnt do it. Now that all the information has become available. With enough light and all the hands you have to help it’s definitely doable. And I’m with everyone else blow them bitches up!!! And post lots of pictures. Any help you need between everybody on here you’re covered.


Sorry for all the run on sentences. LOL I’m doing voice to text while on a very long drive


We are the neighbor like that!!! Lmao


That’s not creepy at all! It screams garden. Do it up!