Grow Questions and setup questions first time total noob I cant even grow fingernails

Hi I have never grown any bud before but I smoke,eat medicinally and for recreation. I have been reading up on this from this forum as well as youtube and the net.I want to do a first time grow of 2-4 plants top. I want to hide it in my closet. I live in michigan our winters are cold and long.The temp on the heater in the house stays around 81 to 84 degrees depending. I get too hot and I have my window cracked so its cooler in my room.My questions is what would I need to start and complete a grow. And would my location mean my grow area would have to be heated ? I know nothing I thought I had a good idea but I read different stuff and it can get intimidating .My budget is five hundred and under preferably under.And I do know I plan to grow white widow or some strain thats high in thc.Any help would be appreciated I am psyching myself out!

White Widow is a high thc but what about gorilla glue by ILGM I’m growing it right now can’t wait to try it mid 20s% thc white widow has 19%

What’s the size of the closet. Wide, depth height.

I’m open to it I haven’t bought the seeds yet but I seen a ww plant on here and she looked soo cute!

Welcome I’m a first timer for indoors anyway this community is so helpful just ask the questions and they will walk you through good luck happy harvesting

Depends if your grow area is a closet and a lot of other information. But as you describe it I think you could get by. The average range for growing is 72-77 during light hours, and 10 degrees less at dark. But your going to need to consider venting, smell, and the venting if using an inline fan vent system will lower humidity and temps. There are small space heaters and ceramic heaters that can be used to regulate lower temps. But all in all people grow in closets all over the country, just depends on your own circumstances like if you worried about smell or not, if keeping you room at temp for plants will work for you or not :slight_smile:

i dont think it’s heated and I wot be able to take closet measurements until next month when i order a shelf for my clothes.But the closet is wide enough to hold those big plastic walmart totes in it depth wise. the length is over probs six feet before you get to he shelf of the closet. im about five “8” and i have to reach up to put things on the shelf tippy toes. and its long enough to have 3 sliding doors.AND hiding the smell is a very big concern for me!

im growing in my 2×4 closet and my temps get up to 85 and they still are thriving with no deficiencies. but i wouldnt suggest any higher than that. i bought a small swamp cooler so it stays like 82. even leds make it hot. cause i keep my house at 70 71. you would most definently want to buy a device to tell temps and humidity. it got up to 88 one day and would have never known if i didnt get it.

I am not worried about it getting too hot I am worried about it getting too cold.

oh ok. walmart sells a small personal heater for 10 bucks that would be perfect for a closet grow.

i guess you live in a state that freezes over alot. my state stays hot almost year round lol

IF smell is a huge deal I’d look into a grow tent that will fit in the area your talking about. Then you can hook up a carbon filter to the tent exhaust port.

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yeah Michigan lol

If your house is normally 80 degrees or higher you’re probably looking in wrong direction. That’s already on upper end of where you want temps. If you put a light and plants into an enclosed space it will be warmer than ambient air temp.

How do you plan to ventilate the closet?

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My plan was too leave the closet door open a few hours a day for ventilation ?

That’s not a great plan. You will already be high on temperature, and plants need co2. Plus you will need a light tight area if you plan on growing photos. Autos are an option that can alleviate the light tight area, but you should really be exchanging air regularly.

so the ventilation fan and duct is not enough?

What fan and duct? I asked what you were planning on for ventilation and you said leaving the closet door open for a hours.

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well Iniaitally i thought the fan was for odors but had he added benefit of circulating the air a bit actully can I like just link what I am planning on getting ? like ALL of it!

If you can find it on Amazon you’re more than welcome to link it. In most cases having a carbon filter and running your space on negative pressure would be for scent control. But you’ll still need to exchange the air within your space. There’s a number of ways you can do it, but all of them will require at least 1 dedicated fan pulling air from the space and putting it somewhere else. You’ll also want at least one fan circulating air within the space.

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