Grow pots; what size say you

Wondering what size pots 3 or 5 gallon work better? I know that your grow area dictates that number but what do the experienced grows prefer. Better for a smaller or larger pot. Are there advantages to using one over the other?

Depends on what you are growing and what you want to do. Some people grow autos in 3-gal pots. I’ve never gone as low as 3-gal. I usually grow in 10 gal, but if I’m vegging for only 6 or 7 weeks I’ll go with a 5-gal.


How long do you veggy in a 10 gal. and how big can you grow in a 10 al.? thanks

Depends on the size of the tent. I put a total of 8 five gallon buckets in my 4x4 tent but switching to 15 gallon fabric pots x 3.

Mote soil will help keep the plants from getting root bound. :+1:


I go 10 gal if I veg 9 - 10 weeks.

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So do feel that the 15 3 gal pots is better for you for total yields or you could grow more strains rather the 5 gal pots?

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This will be my first time using them. I like growing monsters. I had my 5 gallon buckets only filled 1/2 way with soil. So when I try to remove the roots and base of the plant I literally pull the bucket off the floor. Root bound for sure but I still had 3 beauties this crop cycle.

The fabric pots allows the roots more access to oxygen and what not. Why I decided to give these 15 gallon bags a try. Many use the fabric pots usually up to 10 gallon size.

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Me too. But it’s not the most ‘efficient’. @thecount13 what is your goal per harvest and how many harvests per year? If needing quantity probably THE fastest is a mother plant and rooted clones in an ebb and flow tray. Load 36 clones into a 3 X 3, root them for 2 weeks at 24/0 and then flip em. 8 to 9 weeks later harvest. Manage each clone for one top and you can expect 1 oz dry per. So; 2 1/4 lbs every 2 1/2 to 3 months. 4 crops per year equals 9 lbs.

Or if you have limitations like me in California of 6 plants, makes you grow larger ones. But you should determine what your needs are then decide on a grow style and pot size etc.

To answer your question I use Hydrofarm ‘Dirt Pots’ in 7 gallon. I am a fan of Promix and the last one I did delivered just over 14 oz from a 4 1/2 month grow. That plant wasn’t more than 28" high (SCROG). It could have been grown in a 2 X 4 X 5’ tent.


I’m a grasshopper at this growing. I can grow but getting valuable info. about what the masters do really helps someone not make Would the same errors. I’m just interested in two if lucky three grows. If one can get 4 or 5 oz each grow that would be nice. I know more could be obtained but looking for a decent stash. I think 4 oz per plant is not unreasonable but;;;;; thanks

@Myfriendis410 Well I pulled 27.39 oz mainly between 2 plants. I can harvest 3 times a year. All I need is 2 oz per year and I can make it last almost 1 1/2 years. Then add 1 oz per year for my sister’s cancer friend. She can make 14 grams last 6 months.

Sad part is I had to pull them early as the branches was literally tearing themselves off the plants. So I am more than happy with my monster grows.

Like I said I don’t need a lot since I will always be on my medications for life. If I don’t have them, I will go 3 to 4 days with no sleep. If I smoke 1 gram, I only have a high for about 30 mins.

If I relied on only marijuana, I would have to smoke about 1 oz per day. And I have only smoked a couple times in this last month due to still being sick since the first couple days of Jan.

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I use 5 gal smart pots. I would use bigger if I had more room for monsters. I veg my plants for about 6 weeks from rooted clone going into its forever pot. After flower stretch they are about 3 feet tall, but I am topping them and then stretching them out throughout veg and into early flower. I recently collected 4 to 6 oz from each plant but this was an exceptional grow.(11 plants in a 5×10×7 tent) Short answer to your question would be to use 5 gal pots if you plan on having a plant over 2 ft tall. The extra soil also will make watering easier when you get into late flower and the plants are drinking a lot.

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I’m using a mix of 3 gallons and 5 gallon fabric pots I i use the 5 gallons for the ones I want to get bigger yields from.

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Depends on what grow method you want to go with, a quick sea of green from seed in 3 gal pots 9 plants in a 3x3 tent works fine with a 3 month harvest time (30 day veg). Want more yield, do 4 plants in 5 or 7 gal pots topped, trained, scrogged, but takes 4-5 months harvest time (60+ days veg). Different size pots for different reasons. These days I go from solo cup to 3 gallon to 7 gallon doing a 4 plant scrog usually, but harvest every 2 months with the help of a separate veg tent, and a separate mother/clone tent.


@Hellraiser, Hell yeah that’s the way I’m doing it! I have it set up where I got my seeds and clones on one side of the tent vegging in the other and then a second tent for flowering. Saves a lot of time


@Hellraiser @BRFarming420 both clear, concise and helpful. Helps me get pointed in the right direction as I am thinking about growing my first photos. I will look for help as my current autos get closer to finishing.

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A big thanks to all that gave input into what type of pots to use. I can use this info to plan a better grow for my needs. Again a big thanks to all… this hit is for all


awesome setup the ladies are gorgeous. you got a nursery too

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