Grow Plug trans to Cups

Hello everyone! I am so excited about my first grow. These forums have been such a great source, thank you everyone who extends their knowledge.
All 8 of my seeds popped and are on day 4. I am running 18 on 6 off right now.
My question is if my seedlings are currently in plugs and in a prop dome, when I trans them to fresh soil cups in a few days, do I cut the plug out or do I put the plug into the fresh soil cups?
Thanks in advance!


What kind of “plug”?

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root riot

Plant it, plug and all.

Good luck… I hope the grow is KIND 2 U!!!:mask:

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Pics or it didn’t happen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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root riot, also after the first few weeks when i start feeding, do i need to flush once veg stage is complete and then again when flowing is…

Thanks bud. I saw you are a Boston transplant any tips for growing outdoor MA?

Oh man do I ever wish I was back home legally growing… Damn it man. It sucks still being illegal down here!
First off welcome aboard man stick around we got a pretty decent forum. Real down to earth ppl, no real assholes, everybody loves growing weed and shares any info they have for the cause. As far as tips…I’m down south now brother with the humidity. LoL watch them fat buds come flowering with the weather. They can take some pretty cold nights. What the hell are you growing btw man?


Yea buddy. This is my first grow; Super Silver H and Bergmans Gold. They look healthy so far 8 days in… I am a little confused on nutrients.

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Well that ALL depends on your medium if you’re in FF soil you won’t need nutes for a month or so. If your coco you’ll need it within weeks, if your hydro you need it up and running.

copy thanks. I am in FF soil and will use bergmans nutrients.

3 days ago. 2 days ago i started a new watering routine courtesy of Skydiver, where I filled the bottom of a pan witr and set the girls in it and let them wick the water, it has been working beautifully.