Grow one plant only

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Ok ill pop across. Im doing two this run but autos

Thats my plan as well 2x WW Autos. Can’t wait to get started!

One plant works great i did really well my first
Second and third grows with one plant in first then two all non autos now im off to auto land first auto it was a learning curve 2oz. Off that girl now three at once bigger tent i think they will be great 32 days in started flower about 4 days ago

My 2 white widow autos.

Started off as

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one only?.. well hell, I screwed up and planted three. figured three autos should give me enough stash to make it through a photo grow…maybe… but might plant the photos and toss an extra auto in with it just to make sure… it is all a guessing game at this point… I am short on materials and hoping I can take what I remember and what I have learned and turn it into a finished product that is worth while.
if not…well…try, try again

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@Oak the basics is all you need to get started. I didnt even use nutes on my first grow. Just the soil. If its a quality seed growing it basic will still produce good pot.
After the first grow is when you can put money into equipment. Coz you dont need to buy pot. And by then you have enough knowledge on the right equipment to actually own instead of getting things that dont end up being of great use


lol…yeah… I have a nice setup waiting in my shopping cart on amazon… but the ol’lady controls the money right now and she is not a full supporter due to legalities. I can use my “allowance” and go to the local shop to get stuff but it is way more expensive. Right now I don’t smoke weed… haven’t since 1999, so there is no outgoing expense there, lol.


The game has changed so much since 99’. I have to use my allowance too :joy:

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Great advice, takes the pressure off

I started off with a small tent and a 400 watt hps one plant now im hooked 2 tents 2 LED’s
Tons of soil and nutrients 3 autos in flower 3 photos seedlings and up next the hat trick best LED i can get for under a 1000.00us dollers my wife smokes i grow for her so the money gets green lighted everytime lol